Monday, December 24, 2012

Seoul,i'm coming =D


at last!dream of traveling to Korea that I kept intact since 2002 (standard 6) will become real in June 2013!..thanks to Winter Sonata that helped me to have this dream =) ..after 11 years,yeah!

this 8D7N journey will become the witness of a dream come true..
it will be a and my best friend,VT (who is also kpop DBSK lover).. 
(think that we are brave to travel just in a pair?,well I think we are too brave @_@ fact,didn't think much abt that when we r booking tics,but later realized n felt worried..T_T)

there're so much preparation we need to do.

1) book the tics DONE!
2) book the hostel DONE!
3) pasport DONE!
4) plan itinerary
5) plan map
6) plan the routes
7) luggage
8) know the language (ex:bargain skill
9) food 10) clothes
11) energy-boost method =.=
12) t-money
13) master the subway map
14) muslims must-visit places
15) muslim prayer time schedule
16) what to find,what to see and what to buy
17) people allowed for kirim-ing =P
18) souvenirs
19) smart phone
20) MONEY.

yeah,i is not suppose to be the last..but that fact hurts the most ok.. T_T
and,these things on the list are not all the things u must prepare but at least u must do this much (and i can't recall everything at the moment..

 it is167 days to come from now to that date.

p/s-thanks to VT's determination to actually helped this dream to come true..without her overwhelming force,i might be still be someone who has dreamS. =)