Friday, June 21, 2013

food in korea.

this is an advise for those with budget travelling.
each good meal you have there may cost you almost rm30 per meal.
if u r fancy of eating lots of korean food, kill yrself..hahah.

what i did was, bringing my own sambal bilis.
(thanks my lovely mom for making me this =))
one tupperware bulat will do. haha. for 1 week of course.

rice in korea is also rice.
nothing to worry about whether muslims can eat or not.
they grow them on paddy field too so dunt worry.
most hostels n hotels provide free rice for you. so go get them!
or, if they don't, u can buy them in convenience store.
u may preheat it 1st or simply eat it coldly.
read the instructions.

bring roti and tuna too.
eating rice for 7days and night in malaysia is compulsory,
but their rice is not like in malaysia.
they r more like sticky rice to me, but really make yr stomach full. =)
i dun really like eating them forever n ever so i tukar2 with roti n tuna.

compulsory. it's more like common sense right. hahah.
but yeah, some may forgot maggi can be helpful too.
anyway, don't fancy of eating maggi kari like yr home in which u can cook it, put 2 bijik telor, taruk kepala ikan tenggiri, ..... go away!
simply rendam in hot water, wait 2 minutes n eat.
they don't provide dapor for u anyway. >.<

u can buy this from convenient store.
taste of kimchi in korea is not much different to one u taste in malaysia.
in fact, they r the same! at least for me laa.
they said, kimchi in malaysia is already altered to suit the taste, i dunno,
but i love the both tastes. =D
eat with rice. if u don't have sambal ikan bilis, this will do. but u look pitiful, that's all =P

travelling in korea make yr stomach full all the time!.
really, trust me. u'll forget about lunch n dinner, really.
but please don't skip yr breakfast. especially rice.
 they really help in giving u the energy for walk throughout the day until night.
if u skip, u'll feel tired.
p/s-i skipped my breakfast on the day we went to nami island coz we thought we shld depart earlier for it. only brought roti n tuna there. but by the time we arrived,we are soooo tired and hungry. thank god there's halal restaurant there in nami. =)

buhbye for now =)

transportation in Seoul.

my money was spent mostly on this stuff.
T-Money is almost like TouchNGo card we hv in Malaysia.
n yeah, it really makes the trvelling easier!.
especially when u r travelling on subways.
if u are travelling to korea, i bet u already have the interactive subway map right.
 see how 'berselirat' their subway lines are?pheww,,
it looks that simple on paper,
trust me it was not on roads.haha.

things you should know about subways in Seoul.

1) if you are travelling for just 1 station for where you r starting, WALK. please. don't waste yr time in subways. their subways are not like in Malaysia in which, "although u can walk to the place, u can chose to go by train bcoz u r lazy to walk". it doesn't work that way in Seoul!. the distance you walk just to get in the train is probably similar to the distance u need to walk to the place u r going. koreans love walking. besides, enjoy the view of Seoul City while walking, rather than viewing the dark soil of seoul (it's underground).

2) when u determining the subway lines u need to hv, chose a way which have LESS TRANSFER. why?bcoz the transfering is not that simple like in hang tuah station. even transfering in bandar tasik selatan probably shorter than theirs. here in seoul, just to transfer, u need to walk around 300m more or less. thank god, in some stations, they provide the "escalator mendatar" ( i dunno what they call that.hahah)..the one u see in airports. just imagine how much distance is that. like i said, koreans love walking.

3) if u miss the train, no worries, the train comes every 3-5 minutes. dun rush to enter the train when it's closing, it doesn't hve 'humanity' as in Malaysia..haha..

4) during morning, give ways to koreans please. most of them will be running for the train. it's normal. they are late for the work. u are not.

5) most of the subways do not have any counter. no officer standing behind counters to help u anytime u want. they don't. if u accounter any problem, u may need to ask for help from nice koreans (especially ajusshis). there is HELP button there. the officers speaks from intercom, they will come a bit later to help u. their cards don't usually caused problems but things can happen right..huhu..

6) recharge my t-money is one thing i did everyday. if u use the interactive subway map which tells u the amount of money for the travel. good. but here is some formula i'd like to give. each time u tap the card enter, it already minus u 1050w.. if u make extra longer travel, it will charge you another 100 or 200 or depending on the distance, when u tap out. so,just say that if u only traveled 1 station, it costs u 1050w, if u traveled 10 stations w/o transfer, it still costs u 1050w. easy isn't it? plan yr travel wisely. don't move around like crazy rabbit.

7) in their train, youngsters don't sit on older,pregnant n OKU's seat. they don't. so don't u ever dare to. eventhough the train is very crowded, n nobody is sitting on the chair, koreans don't sit on it. they really respect the eldest. as a foreigner, i think it is wise to not to sit when koreans are around standing. i dunno why but it feels awkward. i rather stand although my leg is hurting.

8) that's all for now about subway, i can't think of any more for now.

if u have any thing to ask about their subway, do ask via comment below or jz email me. =)

expenses in Korea.

most people are concern about how much money do you need to travel to korea.
lemme tell ya!

last time i went to korea, it was a totally budget travel.
i spent around rm2000. including flight tics and hostel fees,and gifts for family n friends!

1st, get the cheapest flight tickets.
airasia offers the cheapest dude!
i got rm632 back n fro tics for Seoul.shld be the cheapest amongst all for now.
that's for the basics. 
u may pay extra for meals, extra for special seat and blablabla if u want.
me,since i was on budget, pretend that im sleeping when people beside me are eating. 
that saved my stomach.hahah
always check airasia website.
take note when will they hv promotions on the tics.
usually, 9 @ 6 months before the flight, they will hv the promotion.
(i planned for June, so i checked on September prev year's promotion)
keep on eye on the starting date.
on the date,get yrself on9 and book the tics. 
don't wait for tomorrow bcoz the price can be bombing up overnight.
p/s-make sure u hv yr maybank2u enough money for transactions. 
(problem happened to me when i was booking. no transaction coz maybank was undergoing system checking at the time)
 so mke yr book 1st, payment can be make later.

2nd. survey for basic accommodation in Seoul.
most muslims loves to stay around Itaewon,
 it's like Malay street i would say.with mamak restaurants on yr both left n right along the street.hahah.
but i stayed at Jongno area. coz it offered the cheapest among most 2-person accommodations there.
since it's cheap, don't expect wide and spacious room. it probably just as big as yr home's toilet.
mine was. T_T. but i still can sleep n change clothes. isn't that enough?.. =)
i spent around rm300 for the 7nights 8days stay.

in total. i spent rm932 for both main important things.
well, if i failed to get the money i needed on time,
at least i will still able to stay at the airport for 7days until my next flight isn't it?LOL.
3rd.  transportation.
i think i need another post for this title.
it cost me half of my 1000 left.

4th. souvenirs.
also another post.
budget travelling only made me buy limited-ly for family and close friends.

anyway, don't worry about bringing lesser money.
my friend brought rm1500 (500 lesser than mine) and she actually brought back rm200 home.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My 1st travel.

Assalamualaikum =)

mula-mula nak senyum lebar dulu..ohoii~

aku baru balik dr korea!..ok ok, dah dkt seminggu aku balik..eheh

tp seriously rindu sgt dengan suasana kt korea..
very very very nice!!

most people yg pergi korea akan tend to buat post psal tutorial how to to places,blablabla..
tp aku xnak kot..hahahahaha
aku lg teringin utk bgtaw things yg orang x post dlm blogs.

mohon tunggu post aku seterusnye..
eleh, bajet orang bace..huk3