Saturday, January 22, 2011

bookmark DBSK chibi XD


tekan sini kalau berminat!..^_^

BM dan projek.

tiba-tiba hari ini aku datang hangin nak buat keputusan ni..
wlaupon nampak macam tak patut jek,
tp aku lebih selesa macam ni..
tulis dalam bahasa yang semua orang faham..
yela,kalau aku tulis dalam BI,kadang2 aku sendiri pon tak paham..XD
aku tulis dalam BI sebelum ni bukan sebab nk improve language aku pon..
tp semata2 sebab in case kalau kawan aku yang xreti BM tu datang..
perasan x aku?haha..

tak de la..aku bukan nak terusan tulis BM..
lagipon follower aku yang tegar bukannye banyak..
ade la sekor sorang dua yang datang jenguk pastu belom baca hapa2 dah blah..
aku tak harap pon post aku ni dibaca..
sebab aku merapu sorang2,bukannya lucu pon..

aku punye projek sedang berjalan dengan lancar buat masa sekarang..
harap2 akn bertambah lancar lagi..hehe..

Thursday, January 20, 2011

buat saya tensyen!

bukan keja skola yg buat aku tension..
(penggunaan tension kt sini adalah salah disisi tatabahasa BI)
apela aku merapu sorg2 kat page aku neh..

entry aku kli ni ade kaitan ng FB..
mmg sah aku dah addicted ng FB kan..
ok,dah lama aku prasan.

td aku tgk movie dulu..
yela esok kn cuti...
mksdnye xyah la ssh2 nk bgn awal..lalalal~
so,aku bkk la FB area pkol 2 pg td..
first time bkk utk hri ni..
notis mmg byk cm biasa..(sbb aku ske interframe)

bila aku msuk je satu grup neh..
aku nmpk dorg sembang rancak td..
seyes aku jeles n aku malas tak larat nk marathon komen2 dorg.
ps2 at the end,aku xpaham la ape yg dorg smbg..

aku pon xphm apsal aku tensyen sgt bila xpaham ape dorg smbg..
mungkin sbb aku sayang dorg sangat2.

aku rsa ade org prasan lagi..entry aku dlm BM..
pkol 4pagi..malas nk pkir psl BI..lgpon esok xde kelas..haha

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


this is the topic for my assignment for Linguistics. source la!.
geram geram geram.

If DongBangShinKi’s Fans are Really 800,000 Strong…

[Panel discussion]
Tak Hyun Min, Professor, Hanyang University, 
“How to find a new path for Asia’s best stars”

August 15, 2009, Seoul—The Dong Bang Shin Ki incident, which erupted due to SM Entertainment and their unfair contracts, is struggling to find a resolution. In the midst of this, in order to prevent a second DBSK situation, the emerging consensus is that large-scale entertainment producers with capital must find a way to transcend the hard training model and utilise the media to come up with a better star management system.

On the 14th [August] at the joint cultural conference hosted by the Munhwayeondae held at the Francesco Conference Room on the ‘Exposing the problems of the entertainment management system and finding an alternative through the Dong Bang Shin Ki incident’, Hanyang University professor Tak Hyun Min, a panellist in the panel discussion section, said, “Even if SM comes out waving the white flag this problem won’t end,” and in order to solve the fundamental problems, “we have to make it possible for stars to make without having to depend on giant management companies.”

The logic of SM ‘If you leave us you can’t be as famous as you are now’ must be broken

According to Professor Tak, “Even up to the early 1990s there was no such thing as the giant entertainment company, and artists signed with record labels where, granted, the record label had the superior position relative to the rights of the singer”; also, “the one who broke this unequal relationship was Seo Taiji,” he emphasised. Although right now the one-person-led entertainment company is the norm, even up to the early 1990s it was a difficult sight to see. He said, “Seo Taiji set up his own agency so that he wouldn’t become hostage to a record label or the press and his band would be able to produced the music that reflected their own style,” also adding that, “while Dong Bang Shin Ki’s personal interests in this are important, in order for Korean popular music, which has at its centre similar idol stars and groups, I would like to request [Dong Bang Shin Ki] to lead the way in finding a new and improved road for the pop culture business system,” revealing his position on the subject.

When one Dong Bang Shin Ki fan expressed, “It’s not going to be all that easy for Dong Bang Shin Ki to change the system like that as you say,” he replied, “If Dong Bang Shin Ki really has 800,000 fans and if those fans stand by the three members(Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) who deposited the injunction request for invalidation of their exclusive contracts in full support then it’s more than possible.” The reason why SM was able to throw away H.O.T saying, “if you leave us you can’t achieve the same level of success/fame” is because they (SM) were confident of this idea, Professor Tak explained. This means that if Dong Bang Shin Ki becomes more successful even after leaving [SM], the issue changes entirely.

Professor Tak continued, “Those who will make it possible for these men to fill this role [of pioneers in the Kpop industry] are the consumers and Dong Bang Shin Ki fans who give them full support in the market,” and “if the 800,000-strong Cassiopeia and Dong Bang Shin Ki together make this a reality, it will represent an instance where our music industry and system turns inside-out [via fan-power].” Professor Tak added that what ‘Cassiopeia’ needs to communicate is “not a boycott against SM but that the other two should come out, that it’s okay to come out because you don’t need a giant management company to survive in the market and because we’ll help you.”

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s penalty for breach of contract currently 400 million USD

The panel’s follow-up speaker, Lee Dong Yeon, Professor at the Korea Combined Arts School pointed out, “The conditions of the contract between Dong Bang Shin Ki and SM clearly state that in the case where Dong Bang Shin Ki breaches the contract they would have to pay the management company the equivalent of 400-480 million USD,” adding, “for a contract arranged between Asia’s top-quality idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki and a top entertainment management company it is extremely unequal.” He later commented, “If it doesn’t want the breakup of an idol group at the peak of their fame, SM will also have to accept a more progressive and far-sighted position” in a way that incorporates transparent income reporting as well as a stable ‘income distribution + incentive’ model in its solution.

Professor Lee Dong Yeon urged aggressive/enthusiastic actions from ‘Cassiopeia’. He stated, “First, you will have to communicate to SM that you find the position of the three members just and righteous, that now that the three members have taken the direction of stepping out of SM through a legal channel the fans are behind them and will no longer tolerate the five of them being abused by their management company or their managers; this is the kind of direct and aggressive stance that needs to be shown by the fans.” He also added, “I think that Dong Bang Shin Ki’s vocal skills and dance skills are currently the best in Asia and the idol market,” so, “if all of you (Cassiopeia) stand by them they should have no problem succeeding on their own.”

The Dong Bang Shin Ki incident must not be seen as a problem of finances but as a problem of ‘the right to health’ and ‘human rights’

During today’s panel discussion, a fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Ms. Kim Eun A, came forward to reveal the position of the fans. She said, “In the 68 months since Dong Bang Shin Ki’s debut they have been flown around the world six times” and that their year-long schedules didn’t even include a rest period longer than 2 weeks. “One time, upon completing their Japan tour, the same week they were flown to Taiwan where they had to use a different language and sing and dance to an entirely different repertoire. Such an inconceivable schedule has led fans to say, this must be why their name includes ‘gods/god-like strength’. She continued, “Because it took the courage of the three members to engage in a lawsuit like this, we ask that you don’t simply view Dong Bang Shin Ki’s problem as that of finances or money but as a problem of the right to health and human rights.” She said of SM, “if you (SM) are not willing to improve yourself in this area of unfair slave contracts, then at least have the decency to let the five members go and not interfere in their activities afterwards.” Then she concluded, “if [SM] adds new members under the name Dong Bang Shin Ki that new group will be regarded as nothing but a ‘counterfeit’ Dong Bang Shin Ki by fans.

Even if it was delegated comprehensive authority the management company’s authority is limited

Lawyer Park Ju Min (law firm Hangyeol) elaborated on the legal aspects of this incident: “Even if a management company claims that it rightfully received the right to exercise comprehensive authority over the celebrity through delegation [translator’s note: he’s talking about the concept that in signing the contract DBSK members voluntarily gave up their rights to…well…everything] it is still obligated to ask for the permission of [the celebrity] when it comes to [the celebrity’s] individual projects.” Lawyer Park then added, “it is still possible for a management company to fulfil its role toward its signed entertainers whilst maintaining its authority,” and “the trend revealed by this incident is that in the contractual relationship between the management and their signed entertainers, the weaker side is the entertainer; but, accepting this, it is possible to channel this authority into protecting the entertainers.”

In addition, “the penalty that Dong Bang Shin Ki would have to pay for breach of contract, at 400 million USD, is too high,” and “as severe as the unfairness of the contract is, the imputation of blame/responsibility [to SM] is too small and progressively reduced.”

Also of note, SM’s representatives were invited several times to the panel discussion but in the end did not show up.


Translation: Jimmie@TheJYJFiles 

i feel that people need to realize that cassiopeia has over 1,200,000 members now excluding countless international fans, last time i checked when the stats were released. and i agree with everything in this article, it's more than a financial issue and this lawsuit has the potential to affect the whole kpop industry/idol system depending on whether the proper actions are taken or if people are going to just brush it under the carpet if this limbo period is carried on long enough.

i really appreciate the fact that thejyjfiles provide a lot of good and in-depth articles about the whole legal aspect of the lawsuit.

for those who are curious about the final decisions regarding the lawsuit being handed out on the 18th


my own word..
i really want non-cassies to read this..
and also so-called-KPOP fans..
(coz whenever i asked do u know dbsk?..they says never heard of.=.=")

hey u!,DBSK and Cassiopeia are doing humanity job for yr idols with our sadness and sufferings!

Result Day..@_____@

today was the day called Result Day (i make this up XD)
actually the result is nothing
because it wont affect me (at all)
it wont make me drop out of maktab or what so ever
since i'm already in (degree).

so,knowing the result was just basically for the purpose of knowing how i did in exam..

well,i deserved it.
trust me,it's not good.
not at all..
the worse among my friends.
actually i didn't expect this.
i expected more but..........

well,as i wrote earlier,
it wont affect my place now,
i won't waste my time of getting sad.

perhaps,this is one of the catalyst for me to do lots better next time.
i really meant it.
and i believe i can do it.
i need support from everyone.
hope people pray for my success not for my downfall.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

tak dok kredik.

tibo-tibo sero nok tulih poh kok klate.
bia ah ore laen pehe ko dok..aku nok tulih gok.
gerey tekpom baso tak dok kredik macey nih.
etensyen,hok tak dok kredik ni aku.
bukey ore laen hok sek2 reder raso aku tuju.
aku tok beci ko sapo2 loni.
aku beci ko tepon n celcom jah.
tok leh nok riplai meseh,tekey sero.
taing aku tak dok kredik gak puloh2 ajok aku meseh..
taing aku ado kredik gak,kredik tok turun2..dok taro tu ah..beci la lok..
doh la taing pitih2 tak dok nih..nya buak onar bulih..
nok wak esaimen pong tak dok mood.
walapong tiak kali bunyi 'esaimen' aku ile mood.haha
sapo la hok baik ati nak share kedik kakku ehh..

Saya Pelajar IPG Kampus Ilmu Khas

kali ni saya nak join BPM lagi..haha..aritu citer pasal asal tempat tinggal kan..ha kali ni nak cerita pulak kisah IPG,bila dikecilkan skopnye, jadi la cerita pasal budak2 kelas..

chop!.ada orang perasan sesuatu kah?ok,post kali ni dalam BM,,sebab??..helo,dah seharian dah jadi omputih dalam kelas..dah nak muntah dah pikir pasal nak mengarang dalam BI..
(chewahh! bajet dalam kelas speaking la ni..haha)

ok kembali ke pangkal jalan..
sesiapa yang agak2 blom kenal siapa BPM,sila tekan sini.

ok,gambar pertama kami..skema giler kan?kan?kan?hahaha
seriously,ni masa sem 1..
p/s-masa amik gambar ni,saya ialah student baru since saya ni 2nd intake..
datang kelas terus masuk gambar..haha..wlopon ketua kelas pon belom kenal ngeh3~

oh,lupa nak cakap..saya masuk sini pada tarikh 9 ogos 2010..actually budak2 len masuk bulan julai..hey,saya second intake ok..bukan saya ni budak bengong yang ditangkap kerana tak nak masuk Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Ilmu Khas.di sini saya ambil course TESL.
oleh kerana kursus ini akan mengambil masa selama 5 1/2 tahun untuk habis,jadi saya akan kluar pada umur 24 tahun yakni 2014 (adakah seseorang sedang mengira umur saya?..21,,xyah kira pon xper.=.=")

masuk plak part pengalaman manis..pengalaman manis..hmm..pengalaman manis ea..hmmm...kalau nak dikira,boleh tahan banyak la gak pengalaman..manis ke tak tu entahlah..ade jugak yang pahit..-.-

ni time kami sume kena pergi KLPac,
pegi tengok preview citer ape ntah..(hehe)

dua2 gambar ni adalah masa kitorng pergi FRIM..
jangan terkejut ngan bilangan yang ramai sebab tu adalah kosmate kami..
seramai 57 orang..muka-muka ini la yang kami kena tatap sampai 2014..=.="

ni pulak masa language camp..
sangat enjoy time nih..
lecturer sume puji ngan kejayaan kitorang anjur benda nih..
(tiba2 jd baik nak puji..haah)

aku tengah carik gambar kelas terbaru neh tp xjumpe2 lg..
jap eh,aku scroll lagi..

eh,belum jumpa gambar terjumpe gmbr ni lak..
ni time kasi sume dikehendaki utk wat satu binaan yg melambang diri kami..
yelah,dah nama pemalas kan,so wat cikai2 je la..haha
believe it or not,kitorng dapat no 1!,diulangi nombor SATU!
seyes xcaye coz kami punye konsep->"letak je!asal ade"..hahaha
kelas laen,futuristik la,masa depan la,konsep gempak2 sume..
last2 konsep "teddy bear tengah panjat batang penyapu yg ade bendera" jugak yg menang..LOLXD
(kami punye konsep:menuju puncak senanye..>,<)

ha!..TAK jumpe!=.="
xjumpe la gmbar budak2 kelas aku yang mengong2..huhu..
ape pon aku suke sangat dok dalam kelas ni..sempoi je..
kami cool!..



kami dah berpisah


kelas sudah

di-reshuffled oleh lecturers..


saya ada kelas baru sekarang

mksdnye,tak ada gambar untuk di upload..





post saya ini

tak menepati


yang ditetapkan oleh


last sekali,sape yg dah ciap wat entry yang gempak lagi tachim,
kalau anda budak U,tekan sini
tekan kat sini,jangan tekan tempat lain..XD

kalau anda budak maktab,sila left click
sini je..jangan salah tekan.XD

Saturday, January 15, 2011

SME plans exposed?

Be alert of SM's intentions !

After a long time observing recent chaotic events , I found out SM Ent.'s true intention , especially recent events have some hidden intervention that we do not know . Although this is only my own thoughts, but through the experience of previous groups have similar cases ( H.O.T ) , I think my guess is possibly true .

First , remember the first days JYJ filed SM . That day , not only K-Cassiers but also international Cassiers did their best to support JYJ . There were big waves against SM , SM's stocks went down significantly and so its reputation . So SM realized that going against TVXQ's huge fanbases is very impolitic .

SM realized the power of TVXQ lies in unity and faith between their fans :
1. The faith and emotions between 5 members .
2. Cassiers' faith in 5 members and their unity .

SM realized that , then it chose another wiser counter-tactic , you can say - more malicious .

1st step : ( In the last 2 years )

It laid low , waiting for the objections are settled down , plus , the more time passes , the more doubts are raised . Though it wasn't public , we know that SM limited the communications between 5 members as well as not letting HoMin say anything about the lawsuit . It's the seed of the doubt between everyone .

At that time , though SM used its influences in the entertainment industry to limit JYJ's activities , it was very prudent , it didn't want to raise any more opposite waves .

2nd Step : ( current stage )

Knowing that it can't prevent JYJ's influence in the country , SM moved to the 2nd step : Strongly divide the unity between fans and the members .

When I first heard that JYJ could perform on TV , I was very happy . But think again about it , why there was that change...Of course it's because JYJ's popularity af first , but there was SM's careful calculation behind it . JYJ performed at the time HoMin's single was ready to be released , so there would be more attentions toward both JYJ and HoMin . Fans discussed about their activities , and the " already-divided " fans + anti fans , even people who was hired by " somebody " will create fanwars , making the situations worse .

Even HoMin's album title was calculated carefully . By promoting their album this time , SM made it with 1 stone killing 2 birds : not only making best profit from HoMin but also creating misunderstandings between JYJ and HoMin , especially the fanbases . SM also attacked the faith in TVXQ's fans by announcing TVXQ's fanclub will be only for HoMin's fans . HoMin couldn't say anything about this , deepen the misunderstanding between them . Maybe there's also a possibility that SM's lying to HoMin , just like what they did to H.O.T's leader Moon Heejun and Kangta .

3rd step :

SM tries to create an image of 5 members against each other , Once it can divide the fanbases , any criticism from fans will not be toward SM but JYJ or HoMin . Then SM will try to " persuade " HoMin by any ways ( with HoMin are too tired of the case ) to continue their contract . SM - offically not being assigned to the criminal slave contract anymore because it was HoMin's decision ( they can't be lucid anymore because of information lacking ) . Then , if HoMin can earn more profits for SM , they will be promoted more , otherwise , they will be...There won't be turning back for HoMin then when they find out they were used , deceived . Of course , JYJ's activities still limited , even ruined , just like a chain-reaction .

So , SM's plan is completed . It can get rid of its eyesore without bad reputation . It will be the fans who hurt and ruined their idols , SM is only the catalyst .

And , like what we see in current situation , it's very sad that K-Cassiers fell into SM's trap , only we international Cassiers remain . Fans and 5 members' strenght is our unity and supports , so , in this hard time , we must unite , and always keep our faith in the members .

This post is only for showing SM's true intention . Maybe you are asking why JYJ and HoMin don't realize this , but we are only outsiders , we have more objective and more conscious viewpoints . Plus , even if JYJ know SM's intention when it let them perform on Korean stages , they will still accept it , because it's their rare opoturnity to perform in their homeland . About HoMin , they are singers , so their places are the stages and sing . If they don't continue , they can't move forward and be forgotten . So we fans must be very conscious not to fell into SM's trap . Anyway , SM is still a big company , it knows clearly about fans' thoughts and can take advantage of them to against us .

Always Keep the Faith in 5 of them !!!!!!!

I really want to tell all about this to K-Cassiers but I don't know Korean and don't know any Korean , can anybody help ?

Source : 360Kpop
credit: google doc


i really dunnoe what i feel right now..
for some reason i feel that we cannot point out to anyone yet..
yes,we knew the truth about slavery contract..
that's why these chaos happen,
but we are miles away,
making judgement from what we saw is not always correct..
we should know what happen in korea itself..
why k-cassie gave up so soon..
why didn't they be with us..
we know that they also love them and probably stronger than we do..
but why?
i'm wondering if k-cassie refuse to share or they knew something that we don't
again,because we are mileSS away..
so,i think,it's better to set back n relax waiting for 18/1/11 to come.