Friday, November 1, 2013

gomo kelate gomo !

ticket for the match are ready.
now waiting for the d-day.



kelantanese, lets go make the stadium a red tsunami! =D

Sunday, October 27, 2013

places to go in Seoul.

lamanya tak update!!..
hv been very busy with practical and all..huhu

i forgot to post about places to go.
so here we go.
this post will discuss about places that you should go in korea.

i bet before you read my blog, if someone ever come laa..haha
u had read some other tips from others right.
well, me too.
and here i want to share things that i don't read.

1) myeongdong
perfect place for KPOP lovers!. 
since i'm NOT a kpop lover,then i don't fancy this place much.
people say u can get KPOP things there ina very cheap price.
hurmm, i don't really agree though.
it may sounds cheap in their money sense, but we converted to RM,not that much difference though..huhu
i didn't buy anything there. not even DBSK's stuff. weird?
well, i'm in budget travel, remember?..haha
p/s-maybe it was me who had gone to wrong shop, but as far as i'd gone,the ahjumma are nice but if u dont hve that bargaining skill, they'll chop yr head,really.

perfect place to find clothes! 
when i was there, i realized why korean people are good in fashion. 
it's because they have a very good competition!. 
their designers compete to create the trends.
the building was HUGE,i can find sorts of things there.
i bought korean silk there. thought of making baju raya, but my tukang jahit xsempat nak siapkan.dem

perfect place for food.
this is for muslims especially.
when u come down to itaewon,u'll feel like home.
in yr left and right, there are halal food everywhere.
tinggal nak pilih je.
but of course, it's not cheap. almost rm20-30 for each.
it's tourist place,u'll find many tourist there.if u see korean, he would probably the shop owners.
some shop owner can speak bahasa melayu very WELL!
perfect place to buy souvenir!
some people say itaewon is also a good place to buy souvenir.
please bear in mine, itaewon is tourist-attention place. the price may be higher.
i experienced that,bought something in itaewon n found it cheaper in insadong.
however, for some reason, i found souvenirs sold by an ahjumma in yeouido is the cheapest.

some people like me initially would love to see the palaces. my advice, go to the palace which is worth enough. they r all building with similar feature. if u allocate one day for all palaces n u take pictures at each palaces, u might forget which palace is which since they r all the same! well,some distinct feature do available but it's not worth it. anyway, u hv yr own judgment. for me, gyeongbok is a good one. other palaces, is ok, but i just wish that u dont waste yr time n money for the sake of similar kind of building on yr pictures.

i really miss korea now. T_T

my travel my own money.meaningful =)

wow... this post dah lama aku tulis tp bru sempat nk publish..hahahah..bad me..cerita dah basi bro!
anyway, ehem~

some popular questions when u go there.
by koreans
1)  뜨거? (means:aren't u feel hot?) lbih kurang camni la depa tanya..
since we're both wearing tudung. 
smile brightly and says "qwen chan a yoo"..
2) where are you from?
koreans really love to ask this. howeer dont feel shock when they asked, "Malaysian or Indonesian?".
coz only these 2 countries the girls wear this type of scarf. haha.

by fellow malaysians
1) dari mana?

2) datang brapa orang?

3) murah ke datang sendiri?

pandai2 la korg jawab..hahah

what the most important is that, i collected my own money for this. parent gave me NONE for the travel since i didnt tell them before i bought the flight tics.huhu. mian omma. T_T

p/s-my next target is 2015. it may sound too early but i already saving for it. i am still studying oke!!.

although u r a student like me, dont give up. u dont need to wait until u work, for yr own pleasure. because SIKIT SIKIT LAMA-LAMA JADI BUKIT.


my cousin is currently in Seoul now. SOOOO JELLLYYY!

Friday, June 21, 2013

food in korea.

this is an advise for those with budget travelling.
each good meal you have there may cost you almost rm30 per meal.
if u r fancy of eating lots of korean food, kill yrself..hahah.

what i did was, bringing my own sambal bilis.
(thanks my lovely mom for making me this =))
one tupperware bulat will do. haha. for 1 week of course.

rice in korea is also rice.
nothing to worry about whether muslims can eat or not.
they grow them on paddy field too so dunt worry.
most hostels n hotels provide free rice for you. so go get them!
or, if they don't, u can buy them in convenience store.
u may preheat it 1st or simply eat it coldly.
read the instructions.

bring roti and tuna too.
eating rice for 7days and night in malaysia is compulsory,
but their rice is not like in malaysia.
they r more like sticky rice to me, but really make yr stomach full. =)
i dun really like eating them forever n ever so i tukar2 with roti n tuna.

compulsory. it's more like common sense right. hahah.
but yeah, some may forgot maggi can be helpful too.
anyway, don't fancy of eating maggi kari like yr home in which u can cook it, put 2 bijik telor, taruk kepala ikan tenggiri, ..... go away!
simply rendam in hot water, wait 2 minutes n eat.
they don't provide dapor for u anyway. >.<

u can buy this from convenient store.
taste of kimchi in korea is not much different to one u taste in malaysia.
in fact, they r the same! at least for me laa.
they said, kimchi in malaysia is already altered to suit the taste, i dunno,
but i love the both tastes. =D
eat with rice. if u don't have sambal ikan bilis, this will do. but u look pitiful, that's all =P

travelling in korea make yr stomach full all the time!.
really, trust me. u'll forget about lunch n dinner, really.
but please don't skip yr breakfast. especially rice.
 they really help in giving u the energy for walk throughout the day until night.
if u skip, u'll feel tired.
p/s-i skipped my breakfast on the day we went to nami island coz we thought we shld depart earlier for it. only brought roti n tuna there. but by the time we arrived,we are soooo tired and hungry. thank god there's halal restaurant there in nami. =)

buhbye for now =)

transportation in Seoul.

my money was spent mostly on this stuff.
T-Money is almost like TouchNGo card we hv in Malaysia.
n yeah, it really makes the trvelling easier!.
especially when u r travelling on subways.
if u are travelling to korea, i bet u already have the interactive subway map right.
 see how 'berselirat' their subway lines are?pheww,,
it looks that simple on paper,
trust me it was not on roads.haha.

things you should know about subways in Seoul.

1) if you are travelling for just 1 station for where you r starting, WALK. please. don't waste yr time in subways. their subways are not like in Malaysia in which, "although u can walk to the place, u can chose to go by train bcoz u r lazy to walk". it doesn't work that way in Seoul!. the distance you walk just to get in the train is probably similar to the distance u need to walk to the place u r going. koreans love walking. besides, enjoy the view of Seoul City while walking, rather than viewing the dark soil of seoul (it's underground).

2) when u determining the subway lines u need to hv, chose a way which have LESS TRANSFER. why?bcoz the transfering is not that simple like in hang tuah station. even transfering in bandar tasik selatan probably shorter than theirs. here in seoul, just to transfer, u need to walk around 300m more or less. thank god, in some stations, they provide the "escalator mendatar" ( i dunno what they call that.hahah)..the one u see in airports. just imagine how much distance is that. like i said, koreans love walking.

3) if u miss the train, no worries, the train comes every 3-5 minutes. dun rush to enter the train when it's closing, it doesn't hve 'humanity' as in Malaysia..haha..

4) during morning, give ways to koreans please. most of them will be running for the train. it's normal. they are late for the work. u are not.

5) most of the subways do not have any counter. no officer standing behind counters to help u anytime u want. they don't. if u accounter any problem, u may need to ask for help from nice koreans (especially ajusshis). there is HELP button there. the officers speaks from intercom, they will come a bit later to help u. their cards don't usually caused problems but things can happen right..huhu..

6) recharge my t-money is one thing i did everyday. if u use the interactive subway map which tells u the amount of money for the travel. good. but here is some formula i'd like to give. each time u tap the card enter, it already minus u 1050w.. if u make extra longer travel, it will charge you another 100 or 200 or depending on the distance, when u tap out. so,just say that if u only traveled 1 station, it costs u 1050w, if u traveled 10 stations w/o transfer, it still costs u 1050w. easy isn't it? plan yr travel wisely. don't move around like crazy rabbit.

7) in their train, youngsters don't sit on older,pregnant n OKU's seat. they don't. so don't u ever dare to. eventhough the train is very crowded, n nobody is sitting on the chair, koreans don't sit on it. they really respect the eldest. as a foreigner, i think it is wise to not to sit when koreans are around standing. i dunno why but it feels awkward. i rather stand although my leg is hurting.

8) that's all for now about subway, i can't think of any more for now.

if u have any thing to ask about their subway, do ask via comment below or jz email me. =)

expenses in Korea.

most people are concern about how much money do you need to travel to korea.
lemme tell ya!

last time i went to korea, it was a totally budget travel.
i spent around rm2000. including flight tics and hostel fees,and gifts for family n friends!

1st, get the cheapest flight tickets.
airasia offers the cheapest dude!
i got rm632 back n fro tics for Seoul.shld be the cheapest amongst all for now.
that's for the basics. 
u may pay extra for meals, extra for special seat and blablabla if u want.
me,since i was on budget, pretend that im sleeping when people beside me are eating. 
that saved my stomach.hahah
always check airasia website.
take note when will they hv promotions on the tics.
usually, 9 @ 6 months before the flight, they will hv the promotion.
(i planned for June, so i checked on September prev year's promotion)
keep on eye on the starting date.
on the date,get yrself on9 and book the tics. 
don't wait for tomorrow bcoz the price can be bombing up overnight.
p/s-make sure u hv yr maybank2u enough money for transactions. 
(problem happened to me when i was booking. no transaction coz maybank was undergoing system checking at the time)
 so mke yr book 1st, payment can be make later.

2nd. survey for basic accommodation in Seoul.
most muslims loves to stay around Itaewon,
 it's like Malay street i would say.with mamak restaurants on yr both left n right along the street.hahah.
but i stayed at Jongno area. coz it offered the cheapest among most 2-person accommodations there.
since it's cheap, don't expect wide and spacious room. it probably just as big as yr home's toilet.
mine was. T_T. but i still can sleep n change clothes. isn't that enough?.. =)
i spent around rm300 for the 7nights 8days stay.

in total. i spent rm932 for both main important things.
well, if i failed to get the money i needed on time,
at least i will still able to stay at the airport for 7days until my next flight isn't it?LOL.
3rd.  transportation.
i think i need another post for this title.
it cost me half of my 1000 left.

4th. souvenirs.
also another post.
budget travelling only made me buy limited-ly for family and close friends.

anyway, don't worry about bringing lesser money.
my friend brought rm1500 (500 lesser than mine) and she actually brought back rm200 home.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My 1st travel.

Assalamualaikum =)

mula-mula nak senyum lebar dulu..ohoii~

aku baru balik dr korea!..ok ok, dah dkt seminggu aku balik..eheh

tp seriously rindu sgt dengan suasana kt korea..
very very very nice!!

most people yg pergi korea akan tend to buat post psal tutorial how to to places,blablabla..
tp aku xnak kot..hahahahaha
aku lg teringin utk bgtaw things yg orang x post dlm blogs.

mohon tunggu post aku seterusnye..
eleh, bajet orang bace..huk3

Monday, January 28, 2013

me n my new me

Talk to the hand.

too many things happen this few weeks.

becoming tooo busy is normal

friends are shocked with my new resolution.

less eat.

less talk.

less kpop.

the last one is too hard to handle.but tried my best.

still love korean songs.

still love korean dramas

still working on korean trip.

doing first assignment

not too early,actually


see ya.

done watching i miss you and fell in love again. this time with han jung woo. although he's the same man to lee seon jun.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

kehidupan yang sempurna tidak akan ada.

walaupun kita mengharapkan yang sempurna namun pasti ada sedikit kecacatan yang akan muncul.
kesempurnaan yng diharapkan mungkin tidak akan tiba, tetapi insyaALLAH bahagia akan bersama.

Monday, January 14, 2013

nasihat kakak untuk adik.

ada sejenis manusia,
terlalu bergantung kepada orang.

ada sejenis manusia,
suka buat tak tahu saja.

ade sejenis manusia,
suka menyakitkan hati orang.

ade sejenis manusia,
suka cari pasal dengan orang.

ada sejenis manusia,
tak puas setelah disuap.

ada sejenis manusia,
tak reti berterima kasih.

ada sejenis manusia,
langsung tak bertimbang rasa.

ada sejenis manusia,
fikir dia lebih baik dari orang lain.

ada sejenis manusia,
bodoh sombong.

kalau kita ambik pot,makin menjadi-jadi.
jadi tak payah ambik pot.

biarkan dosanya bertambah kerana mengeji kita,
kita tak perlu tambah doa kerana mengutuk dia.

andai kita yakin kita dipihak yang benar,
tak perlu ambil kisah dengan orang yang cuba mengucar-kacir.

hidup kamu baru dipermulaan.
pertemuan dengannya baru introduction.
banyak lagi jenis-jenis manusia yang kamu akan jumpa nanti.
dan mungkin lebih teruk dari ini.
anggap ini satu cabaran.
untuk menghadapi hari esok.

yang penting,
kita jangan ulangi apa yang dibuat oleh nya,
terhadap orang lain.

jangan lakukan sesuatu yang kamu sendiri kutuk.
jangan jilat ludah sendiri.

senyum dik,
kerana itu penawar.

penawar bagi kita,mungkin racun baginya.
dia akan berhenti selepas dia tahu,
walau apa pon dia buat,
adik tetap mampu tersenyum.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

how to download videos from provider.

many people ask me how to download dramas and movies that i have, graved in my harddisk..

after soo many oral teaching i had made,
i think it's time to share things i know.

there are sooo many ways you can use to download dramas and movies.

i'll share a few sites in which i had used n still using.

warning : this gonna be a long post.if you have no interest to download,skip it or you'll regret it.


1)YouTube..not my 1st choice but certainly an easier option.the quality is not that bad (except for those craving for HD). however,there's tooo many broken n blocked vid,and too easy to be blocked since south korea broadcasting stations are going really harsh on the uploaders for their copyright (altho i think they shld actually thank them for spreading the love =).. some uploaders hate to upload it on YT,but some who did will make it private.u cannot see the vid unless u have the link.
(tips:download the vid as soon as it is uploaded.don't wait.u'll end up dissappointed) =(

2)DailyMotion..i kinda like this provider becoz it's not that easy to be blocked (till now i haven't find any vid blocked).i simply like it though.better than YT.the quality is not as much option as YT,but it is still watchable.
(tips:i don't know what tips to give.\o/)

there's others but i don't really like those bcoz the downloader i'm using do not support them.


1)Real Player Downloader..i used this when i first install Real Player Gold (if i'm not mistaken).it's pretty fast and easy too!..u just need to open the vid and let the downloader detect the some few second,u will see "download this video" pop up from the on it and the download starts!..but i stopped using it ever since i formatted my laptop.i can't use the downloader even if i installed latest version of real player.(maybe bcoz i started to watch using GOM Player back then, RP is rebelling against me..=P)
(tip:let the vid load till finish first,then u press the download tab,the download will finish instantly because you had had it buffered--this worked for me. i saved so much time bcoz it took more time to download than buffer.)

2)IDM aka Internet Download Manager..i never own this!yes,never!ever!'s a need to install it first..some people really recommend this and me too recommend this..i used my sister's lappy to download something using IDM,and it download pretty fast! i mean,very fast! download,you need to paste the link on IDM and press start button..the best thing is,u can download from any supported sources (bacisally means ALL sources).. i'm not prominent IDM user so my guide could be wrong.but certainly, IDM can help u download with high speed. =). reason why i didn't use IDM,it's hard to find the cracked installer.always got trial version which made me click the X.
(tip:u can always pause your download and restart it at wherever u paused,u may get disconnected and connected again but do not get disconnected too long)

3)YouTube Downloader..another good stuff but as you can read,yes,ONLY youtube..u need to install it to use works quite fine however..quite faster than the downloader i'm using now..minus point for it is that you need to always update the software.if not,u can't download the'll not automatically update but u need to download latest version,as if you havent got one before..T_T
(tip:install the latest version and always update yourself to the updated version)

4)Ant Downloader..not so many knew about this plug's not a software but a plug-in for's quite handy and easy to use..but u need to use modzilla firefox (i changed my favour to firefox from chrome because of this)..when you had installed the plug-in, the download button will appear on the toolbar of your firefox. whenever u 'play' vid,it will find the original source and download it for you (it's not automatic of course,u'll need to click the button to download) supports most video provider (quite similar to IDM services but IDM serves it wider).minus point for this is it detects the advertisement videos too (that's why i hate sites with many ads!!)
(tip:look at the options before you download.u maybe end up download the add instead of the vid.u can know it's the real videos by seeing the size..10MB is ok for a video but 100KB is certainly not the vid u searched for unless u really are trying to download the ads)

5) easiest and convenient video downloader!'s not a software,nor's a website! just need to copy the links and click the download button. a few videos quality options will appear later and u only need to click on any of it. it work best on firefox (i think).this has become my back up solution if i can't download using Ant Downloader..but became my main downloader if i'm downloading on Dailymotion. =) it will update the plug-in once in a while.if the newer one has problem but it'll get fixed very adds more video provider websites after updated. minus point : do not support many video provider for example VK websites.but YouTube and Dailymotion are basics.
(tips:you'll never know if the provider is supported or not,so just try yr luck if u u have any vid to download)

6)'s the best option when you have slow internet connection since it can mend to your speed..the slower connection you have the slower your download finish (of course),but although it's slow,u don't have to worry if u got disconnected because it won't harm your download!'s a good stuff even to those with high speed but unbalance connection (other words:yr connection is really good but have the risk of disconnected suddenly) has it's own websites that share the torrents (ex:asiatorrent)..but,minus point:torrent files usually big and HD,not really suitable for watchable-quality-hunter like download HD (usually 700mb for each korean drama episode) using slow internet connection,it might not take hours but days..T_T
(tip:look at the seeds,leechers and peers when you download bcoz your download speed also depends on them.the more seeds,the faster it gets..that is why downloading old dramas and movies are not recommended using this,except it's real popular.)

major tips for the day : always use modzilla firefox to download things.i recommend this for those who have slow internet.u can pause the download to disconnect and reconnect. (but don't disconnect too long!,u'll lost the source)..pausing thingy,u can't do that if u are using chrome..after reconnecting,click play button and the download continues as usual and the vid got no problem later.
also,it's a good thing for those who might have unbalanced connection like i mentioned before.whenever u sense that the connection is lost,u can immediately click pause before it stops downloading.u will need to start all over again if this happen..T_T

see?i wrote too much..T_T

i know i shld have provided links to those i mentioned above but i am toooo lazy to do it now.haha..mianh!

YES!of course there're other ways to download.those i shared here are those used to download streaming videos.not direct download link ok.. =) ..mybe some tips for that in next next next post.. =P

galaxynoteI-i will post about where to download later.that gonna be another longer post!..i don't know when will i hve the time to scratch on my blog but i will try to find time. -- talk as if people really read this..muahahah!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

aku pon boleh jadi malas.

title pon dah tunjuk

aku dah malas
angkut air

awal-awal dulu
semua pakat balik awal
kalau ada air kat tong
semua ramai-ramai angkut air

masing-masing mula malas
saje carik alasan balik lambat
dari kelas
sebab malas
angkut air

yang balik awal pon
buat tak tahu
balik rumah
terus msuk bilik
dengar lagu,
melalak sorang-sorang

bila aku balik
aku ambik baldi
nak angkut air
dia baru nak g siap pkai baju
nak tolong
segan la tuh

hari ni
dia balik awal lagi
tak ada kelas
air dalam kolah,
aku ambik baldi nak angkut air
dia buat-buat senyap
dalam bilik

sakit hati

air nak guna
tapi malas angkut

malam ni
aku malas
angkut air
untuk esok pagi

1 baldi dah lebih dari cukup

lantak kau,
tak cukup air pagi esok,
angkut lah air sendiri
bersama penghuni
Sri Melaka yang lain.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

jimat air.

sejak dua minggu balik maktab,belom sekali dpt rasa kpuasan mandi.
sumenye gara2 xde air.

bila dah tak ada air ni,mmg kami kena berjimat giler2 dgn air yang ada.
ketika belom ada tangki bantuan air syabas,aku terpaksa angkut air dari maktab.

syukur 1 = ade kereta sendiri,senang angkut air.
syukur 2 = ade tong air sendiri,tak tumpah dalam kereta (wlopon banjir jugak kereta aku)

bila dah ade tangki hitam depan rumah,rumah aku agak senang dapat air

syukur 3 = dalam toilet ada kolah,boleh buat takung air.
syukur 4 = tiap2 sorg dalam rumah ade 2 baldi +- 10baldi..
syukur 5 = rumah aku di ground level,so tak payah panjat terjun tangga.
syukur 6 = tangki air bantuan syabas hanya 10 langkah santai dari rumah.
syukur 7 = bulih check ade orang tgh ambik air ke x.kalau tak ade baru pergi.sebab kalau ade,segan,,smpai 10 baldi,bila nak smapi turn org lain.. =.=
syukur 8 = dah boleh agak bila lori syabas nak datang tambah air.

tiap2 kali mandi,aku pastikan aku hanya guna sebaldi air je,aku guna baldi paling kecik antara banyak2 baldi.cukup je weyy untuk gosok gigi n sabun.nak syampoo mmg melampau la kan.

tapi ade orang jenis tak reti nak appreciate air jugak time2 tak ade air nih.contoh,ade depan mata aku jer okei.mungkin tak ade empathy kot dalam gune 1 baldi kecik,cedok dy cedok trus dari kolah n cedok plak macam air banyak jer.mmg la rumah ni depan tangki tp ade orang lain nak guna jugak air considerate la untuk org,kita sama2 angkat,bley x guna sama2 banyak?utk hal urgent tu mmg aku pon paham,toilet bowl ni part mandi takkan la problem jugak kot.

other than that chewah skeping!,banyak jugak hikmah aku dapat dr kes tak ade air nih,

syukur 9 = aku mula berkenalan dgn jiran2,at least baru dpt tgk muke laaa..esp yg tingkat atas2 nun.
syukur 10 = aku mula kenal masjid2 lain sekitar maktab.sangat selesa!

setiap yang berlaku tu ade hikmah.
mungkin Allah nak suruh aku exercise lebih dengan angkut air.
Alhamdulillah.bersyukur dgn kemudahan yang engkau berikan dalam kesusahan ini.
tak terbayang bagaimana penghuni tingkat atas yang ambil air dengan botol2 kecik je.
sedangkan aku sebaldi kecik pon ngam2.

Allah mempermudahkan urusan orang yang sabar,InsyaAllah.. =D

Monday, January 7, 2013

tutorial santai pasal cara buat passport..

fistly,biar aku gelak dulu..

aku tahu mcm ridikeles je ak nak bgtaw cara wat passport kn..
tp tolong jgn terkejut..ade jugak orang yang google cara wat passport,

wat passport ni senang jer..

step :
1)ready dgn gambar skema korang saiz passport 2 keping
2)ready dgn duit rm100 (2tahun) @ rm300 (5tahun)
3)pergi pejabat imegresen (ramai yg konfius yg Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara bley wat passport..well,ade kot yg bley tp mostly don't expect all JPN near u,can make passport k..) p/s-aku dah pernah salah sbb tu aku bgtaw.. >.<
4)cakap kat akak jaga kaunter nak borang buat passport.
5)isi borang dengan tekun dan sabar..(dia ade mintak tinggi korg,dun wory coz selalunya ade penimbang kat c2..hehe)..borang tu mostly about yr details (tolong hafal nombor surat beranak yer..)..x ade soalan pasal faveret food k.. =P
6)serah borang kat akak tu,t dia bagi nombor (at the place i went,akak tu mintak gambar passport n dy kepilkan kat borang,then dy bg nombor)
7)tunggu sampai mesen tu sebut nombor korang,,
8)bagi borang tuh kat abang ensem tuh berserta IC n duit (depend brapa tahun korang nak buat)
9)tunggu lagi..around 10 minit,ade orang akan panggil nama korang n bagi resit pembayaran..
10)tunggu lagi selama sejam lepas dpt resit (time ni bley la nak g mana2,,minum air ke,kfc ke,waterpark ke..hohh0..)
11)balik ke pejabat imegresen,mintak nombor dgn akak yg bagi borang td..cakap nak ambik passport..
12)tunggu dorg panggil nombor,tunggu je kt kaunter tuh smpai dy bagi. (at my place,kat kaunter tu dy ade jual sarung passport rm2.50,bley bayar kat c2 je kalau nak)
13)jajanggg~!there is yr passport!..

note:tempat aku wat passport n tempat korang wat passport mybe guna sistem lebih kurang je rsenye ni..kih3

noteII:passport ni bley guna ke luar negara..(kecuali Israel) ada negara yang perlu visa jgk selain,ak sendiri xtahu cmne nak bley buat kat embassy dorg..caranya berbeza ikut negara yg korang nak g k..=)

ade list negara2 yg perlu dan xperlukan visa..check yr destination requirement k..
me,South Korea,dun need visa (for less 90days).. =D

here is the list of country ,it shows which country required and not required visa..also,some notes abt how to apply for each country..check it yall!

senang je kan nak wat passport..
cabaran terbesar aku time wat passport ni ialah part carik parking..phewww~

Saturday, January 5, 2013

ingin berubah.

semalam ade la sikit sharing session ng kawan.
dia share pasal nasib dia yang mendatang.
dia terpaksa berkorban demi nak jaga ayah n adik2 dia.
dia anak perempuan sulung,tanggungjawab tu atas bahu dia lepas mak dia meninggal.
jdi,dia kena berusaha untuk dapat posting dekat dgn rumah,walaupon itu bukan kemahuan dia.

dia cakap,dia baru sedar,,
sebelum ni dia leka.
tidur lewat bangun pon lambat.
masak jarang2,banyak tak reti.
basuh,sidai,lipat baju,sume mak yang buat.
mak dia dah meninggal.
dia berubah jadi perempuan yang bangun awal.
tak tidur lepas subuh.
siapkan makanan untuk adik2.
siapkan minuman untuk ayah.
dia umpama emak dalam rumah tu.

aku reflek terhadap diri sendiri.
rupanya aku juga leka.
tidur lambat bangun lewat.
kerja rumah sume mak buat.
basuh,sidai dan lipat mmg tak buat.
aku tahu mak marah.mak sedih.
kerana aku dah besar panjang tp malas buat kerja rumah.
mak aku masih ada,Alhamdulillah.
dia suruh aku hargai mak dan ayah aku.
hargai masa yang Allah beri untuk aku bersama mak aku,ayah aku.
sebab kita tak pernah tahu bila Allah akan ambil nyawa mereka,
Ya Allah,tak tertanggung rasanya memikirkan bagaimana kami bila mak ayah tak ada.
dia pesan,bangunlah awal setiap hari.
habiskan masa dengan mak ayah selagi kau mampu.
buat mereka gembira dengan apa yang kau buat.
sekarang mungkin pelik tapi bila kita dah biasa,insyaAllah.

sekarang aku cuba berubah.
walaupon susah,tapi aku tetap akan cuba.
cari sesuatu kerja yang aku bolah buat,selain mengadap komputer.
aku masih dalam proses mencari.insyaAllah bertemu.
aku harap sangat aku boleh berubah.
aku harap sangat.
doakan aku.

note:mak aku tak sihat.aku risau.