Thursday, June 11, 2009

my lovely home...

well,don know why but i love to write abt my home first post...
home that i'm in now is not exactly the first ever house i've livin in..
it's second..
first home was at selising
it was wooden,rented n a kind of small..
well,big enuf 4 my parents n 3 siblings..
since we're small,it's not big deal..
i love the house..
myb i'm not really rmmbr since i'm soo little,
but,i did rmmbr some things..
i rmmbr that i luv to sleep on stairs at my mom's kitchen
bcoz it was cement so,it bcme so cool n i slept drg the day...
we moved frm the house when i'm in stndrd 1
(schooling at sek. keb. bkt jawa,selising for abt 6 month n
futhr anthr 6 month at sek. keb kamil 1,pasir puteh..)
last year,the house had been rundown,
in a way to build anthr better house for rent..
my grandmom's project (but still no construction until now)
the ground now bcme field..
i love the house but sadly,no pic of it
my lil bro is the only one who never live here...
year he was born was year we moved...1997..
my second house is (i dont know)..big??
i'm not sure it's big or not
coz i don't know how big is big..?
(for sure the house next door is bigger)
rmh yg ni 1 tgkt jek
(stat BM plak,ltih taip lm BI)
tp bgs gak,xpyh ssh2 nk naek trn tgga..huhu..
terletak kt pasir puteh,kelantan...
3km from town..
rmh ni dlu biase2 jek...
ats tnh ni,rumah smata2..
tp lps 12 thn dok kt cni,
mcm2 prubahan y jd..
cntohnya,dlu xde graj,skrg dah ad..
dlu xde kolam ikan,skrg dah ad 3 kolam ikan..bsr kck suma ad..
bela,ikan kap laa,pe lg...
ad gak ikn mas tp mls nk jga coz klm 2 dh jd mcm tmpt pnternakan ikn..
pondok pon dah ad kt dpn rmh..
kt c2 laa ktorg lepak2 ptg2 smbil tgk ikn lm kolam..
dlu rmh ni simen jer..skrg kslruhan rmh dah psg tiles,tolak dinding jek..
dri 4 blik.dah tmbh jd 5 blk 2 abh wat smpn brg2 muzik dy..
wire2,speaker,micrfon,cd,kaset y zmn dy bljr pon ad dy smpn..
dy brniaga psg speaker kt mjls..klo ad org nk pkai speaker,
dy wat prkhidmatn sewa alatan sound system...
klo korunk nk wat mjls,tp xde org nk psg speaker,pggl dy..
(promote ket..hehe..srius,klo nk no dy @ urusan laen,email kt sy..
tp area klntan je laa..lau jauh2 probablty nk trma 2,ssh sket xslh cube kn??)
sory,dah trlbih plak...
ehem,nk cite psl rmh sbnrnya kn....
xbyk yg bley cite..
korunk tgk laa gmbr..
then,bygkn sbnrnya,12 thn lps,xde ape pon kt tmpt 2...

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