Friday, January 3, 2014

I have A dream.

I have a dream.
One fine day, I will be a teacher teaching English in some part of South Korea.
This dream is made once i know about Korean Thingy.
The love I feel toward Korean Thingy developed ever since I was in elementary school but that’s another story.
I love English and the dream is created because most Korean do not know English.

When I studied in university, the course I took was definitely not English language based. It’s health-related course. Optometry. To be precise, an eye-related course.
However, after 2 months of studying, I was offered to do something definitely, 100% related to what I dreamt off.
It was a one-step-closer opportunity for me. I grabbed it.
It is Teacher Training Institute, major English Studies.
Daebakk isn’t it?

Now, I have one more year to go.
I am still thinking of how I can grab any opportunity to teach in Korea.
I even searched for any volunteer thingy.
I did found one, but realistically, I am still bounded with contract I need to fulfill.
If u know any, please do tell me.

Although Korean culture has developed massively since the first time I know them, and English has become one of the most difficult subjects in Korea, and yet still learnt, I believe Korean still need a good English teacher.
Although I know until I wrote this, there are so many people dreamt (like me) and even fulfilled the dream, but still, I will try to keep the dream until one fine day.

I have definitely no rule about this dream.
As long as I be able to teach there,
How long it will take, even one day, it is fine.
How much will I get, even none, it is fine.
Because it’s DREAM.

For me,
Dream is not for living, but for satisfaction.
U may not need to dream to live, but u need to live to dream.

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Phoebe said...

Hi Farahin.. That's a really great dream to have. I hope you get to make it a reality, sooner rather than later. (^-^)