Monday, May 17, 2010

DBSK Fair in Kinokuniya KLCC

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last 11th of May 2010,
i went to DBSK Fair in Kinokuniya KLCC..
really wanna see it so i ask my friends to come along..^^
in my mind,i was thinking of sumthing so big being shown..
(well,not that bad laaa)
the exhibition is just a very small part of the kinokuniya..
well,i dunno if i missed the other spot or what
but the place i found was kinda small...
but,it's good loh,for cassies like me
to actually be able to show our love to them..

~the banner outside of kinokuniya~

~banner again~

~the real inside~..T_T

mybe i'm just too early..huhu..
the fair begin from 1st May till 31st May 2010..

then,we all went to PetroSains in front of Kinokuniya..

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