Thursday, May 20, 2010

my head was chopped!


Macbeth Dramatization dah abes...

bley la aku tdo ng tenang lps ni..kuikuikui..
(ckp mcm tido xpnh nyenyak..haha)
ni nk cite sket ape y dah jd ari ni..hehe..

well,it start with *one thing,i dunno why~..[linkin park]*
bcoz terlampau excited nk abeskn ari ni,
aku TERbangun awal..6.12am (awal ke tue?huhu)
kunci jam pkol 6.30..[mean,i woke up earlier that]
then aku g mandi...630 dah ciap mandi..
ciap2 pkai baju,640..
eh,awl la plak ciap..bkk fb jap..
postkan "monink" <--sbgi tanda ak bgn awal..haha then,ak get ready ng barang2 props and everything..
{already promised with members that we met at 730 for final prctice}
5 mnt b4 730 i went to VICKNEAS room n go wif her..
we were 2nd group to reach there..
[unfortunately] AI LI came in late..;[
we cannot practise..T_T
(well,due to lack of prctise of course)

830,we hve to get into the drama room..
first group...
second group...
third group...
i watch my watch..930..*sigh*
my group will perform 6hours later..wargghh!
since my group was the last group..aduyaii..

i went to buy food at Kak Som's..
i ate half my food..
then,group 5..
then,i strted to get borink sitting..
n i started to help other groups to get ready..

group 6 onward i nvr stay in drama
hang around outside..pretending to be busy..haha..
when group 9 start perfoming,
our group start to get our cl0thes on,props ready n everything..blablabla.
[well,it's just me who did this..huhu]
AMIER was busy wif lcturer's camera
the other 2..busy watching the show..huhu..

when we start preparing,
[i missed many great performances..T_T]
we sat in changing room for such a long time..
with our not-enuf-prepared props n non-adjusted-script n torn clothes n broken swords n many more..

our time had come........
i was not nervous but scared if i forgot my lines..huhu..
acting is not a problem..(lol)
i went in front of the audience and throw everything there..
no shame or nor shy..hahahaha..
i hve to scream,i hv to fight thrice..
first with young siward,secnd n thrd with macduff..
then,i was slain by macduff..

fighting scene was the most interesting part....
everyone laugh watching our steps yang canggung..HAHAHA..
but we manage to make it real coz we belasah je..haha..

our group's dramatization was kinda memorable bcos of some scene..
scene when i fight (of course),
scene when macduff chop off my head ,
(and fake head was thrown from behind backdrop..haha)
*that was funny,i cant help but also laugh(while already dead..haha)*
then,scene when VICKNEAS forgot her lines and said "oh,shit"..haha..
and of course the last one..
scene when everyone in the room said,
"Hail,King Of Scotland"<--following macduff speech..
*Mdm Janice said,that was a really good end for ending the event*

i really feel good abt dramatization..
(bcoz it ends
bcoz it was really fun..
though many things that happen..
caci mencaci,gertak menggertak,salah mnyalah..
but the day ends smoothly..
thnks everyone for your hardwork.. really appreciate it..

special thanks to FAREEZ for becoming our extra..
really apreciate yr willingness to help us..^_^
thnks to lecturers that gv (high) marks for all of
thnks to the other groups that kindly let us use their props..



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