Saturday, October 23, 2010

JYJ ShowCase Live in Malaysia!!

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the actual date..hehe..

my feeling?
wahhh!!!can't describe it..
different words of different meanings..LOL..
here is some of the pics..
it's on FB by the way..hehe
-in the stadium wif other cassies-
p/s-picture taken by 8tvnitelive photographer..
we took this from 8tv twitter..hehe
-in front of Saranghae banner-
-in front of their rock corner booth-
p/s-i bought the album..weeee~
-wif the ticket..hehe-
-with kim jae joong!!!!-
-taken form HOT magazine website-
p/s-may be put on their website..hehe
-at KLIA *stalking*-

the perv was superb,,
we'd done so many things inside the stadium
n luckily din get caught..hehe..
*hope to get the videos from lili lilish after dis...hehehe*

p/s-if u can't view this pics,add me..hehe..
*promotion jap..ahaha*

gomen ne coz it'd been so long since my last post..hehe..
nothing to explain coz there no reason for it..hehe
just,my usual laziness...LOL!!
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