Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She is here!

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she comes once again after dissappeared for a year or so..
and her arrival had never been ignored..
i'm happy that i was able to meet her again..
and i already hoped for next-year meeting..
hope she don't mind seeing me again..
(but that's another story though)

She is Ramadhan..
the most beautiful month in Islamic calendar..
during this period,
the Muslims basically cannot eat and cannot drink..
but sure! there's a lot more 'cannot'

ramadhan mean "resist yrself"
"resist yrself from bad doings"
-->any bad doings

why do i liked Ramadhan?
why do i liked Ramadhan?
ermm..why do i liked Ramadhan?
i dunno i just like it~

p/s-this year's raya would be in Kelantan..
coz my younger sister will sit for SPM this year..
so,better to stay at hometown..
next year will definitely be Perlis's turn..

tomorow is PUASA
i'd got my bread ready for sahur...weee~

[semoga Ramadhan kali ini akn memberikn ketenangan kepada ku..semoga aku mampu menahan diri dari segala laranganMu..dan mendekatiMu sedekat-dekatnya..Berikan petunjuk kepadaku Ya Allah]

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