Sunday, October 27, 2013

my travel my own money.meaningful =)

wow... this post dah lama aku tulis tp bru sempat nk publish..hahahah..bad me..cerita dah basi bro!
anyway, ehem~

some popular questions when u go there.
by koreans
1)  뜨거? (means:aren't u feel hot?) lbih kurang camni la depa tanya..
since we're both wearing tudung. 
smile brightly and says "qwen chan a yoo"..
2) where are you from?
koreans really love to ask this. howeer dont feel shock when they asked, "Malaysian or Indonesian?".
coz only these 2 countries the girls wear this type of scarf. haha.

by fellow malaysians
1) dari mana?

2) datang brapa orang?

3) murah ke datang sendiri?

pandai2 la korg jawab..hahah

what the most important is that, i collected my own money for this. parent gave me NONE for the travel since i didnt tell them before i bought the flight tics.huhu. mian omma. T_T

p/s-my next target is 2015. it may sound too early but i already saving for it. i am still studying oke!!.

although u r a student like me, dont give up. u dont need to wait until u work, for yr own pleasure. because SIKIT SIKIT LAMA-LAMA JADI BUKIT.


my cousin is currently in Seoul now. SOOOO JELLLYYY!

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