Sunday, October 27, 2013

places to go in Seoul.

lamanya tak update!!..
hv been very busy with practical and all..huhu

i forgot to post about places to go.
so here we go.
this post will discuss about places that you should go in korea.

i bet before you read my blog, if someone ever come laa..haha
u had read some other tips from others right.
well, me too.
and here i want to share things that i don't read.

1) myeongdong
perfect place for KPOP lovers!. 
since i'm NOT a kpop lover,then i don't fancy this place much.
people say u can get KPOP things there ina very cheap price.
hurmm, i don't really agree though.
it may sounds cheap in their money sense, but we converted to RM,not that much difference though..huhu
i didn't buy anything there. not even DBSK's stuff. weird?
well, i'm in budget travel, remember?..haha
p/s-maybe it was me who had gone to wrong shop, but as far as i'd gone,the ahjumma are nice but if u dont hve that bargaining skill, they'll chop yr head,really.

perfect place to find clothes! 
when i was there, i realized why korean people are good in fashion. 
it's because they have a very good competition!. 
their designers compete to create the trends.
the building was HUGE,i can find sorts of things there.
i bought korean silk there. thought of making baju raya, but my tukang jahit xsempat nak siapkan.dem

perfect place for food.
this is for muslims especially.
when u come down to itaewon,u'll feel like home.
in yr left and right, there are halal food everywhere.
tinggal nak pilih je.
but of course, it's not cheap. almost rm20-30 for each.
it's tourist place,u'll find many tourist there.if u see korean, he would probably the shop owners.
some shop owner can speak bahasa melayu very WELL!
perfect place to buy souvenir!
some people say itaewon is also a good place to buy souvenir.
please bear in mine, itaewon is tourist-attention place. the price may be higher.
i experienced that,bought something in itaewon n found it cheaper in insadong.
however, for some reason, i found souvenirs sold by an ahjumma in yeouido is the cheapest.

some people like me initially would love to see the palaces. my advice, go to the palace which is worth enough. they r all building with similar feature. if u allocate one day for all palaces n u take pictures at each palaces, u might forget which palace is which since they r all the same! well,some distinct feature do available but it's not worth it. anyway, u hv yr own judgment. for me, gyeongbok is a good one. other palaces, is ok, but i just wish that u dont waste yr time n money for the sake of similar kind of building on yr pictures.

i really miss korea now. T_T

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