Sunday, August 1, 2010


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aku bru je abes tgk adaMaya..
ok,tahu la aku dah terlambat bbrapa bulan,
but at least ak tgk kn3??..haha

ok,my opinion,
i think adaMaya was not that superb like what people were saying..

overall,the drama was good,
the sound effect was good,
the actors were good,

it pretty much good,however~
(i'm not trying to bash anyone) but,
the storyline was typical..
adam was nice,and he was too nice..
maya was blurr,and she was too blurr..
dani was stupid evil,and he was not really evilly stupid..
mika was supposed to be stupid,but he helped dani a lot with ideas
(i like him..LOL)

sarah was maya's friend,but lending too much time for mending with her problem..
jasmin was sometimes evil toward dani,but not much of evil yet..(haha)
and little sweety amani was brilliant!

BUT,the problems appeared were "too" simple,
sometimes,1 discussion were discussed twice..
the problem solving,quite boring..
how adam gave up nearly the end of the story,brought me down..
for me,adam shld not gave up..(but yeah,that how malay story works..)
the function of other actors to help were good but sometimes,don't u think that there're too much of help??
they're even serious than adam..LOL..
and maya,i would say,she's really confused!..ahha..
(dunno whether she made the confused face brilliantly or that's how her face looks..huk3)

anyway,not sure why people were so into this drama..
perhaps the feeling of watching 1 hour a day,monday to friday
was differ with
the feeling of watching many hours a day (and stop whenever i want to stop)

yet,i like the ways the script was adapted by the actors..
and i had had fun with the humours that mika did..LOL..

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aizamia boojaejoong said...

i like this drama too much.. is just like another typical malay drama but we cannot expect that adam is too nice and patient till the end coz patience has its limit..if me or others be adam pun, won't be patience if your own wife treat you like that..*maybe i said this coz i'm biased towards adam much*..

not forgetting mika..he's da genius yet very humorous..i considered that adam was succeed in playing his role but not lisa..she still need to improve..

jgn ckp pasal amani..everybody likes her..hehe..till ada my friend ckp nak save pic die n bile die pregnant nnt nak tgk pic amani puas2..hahaha..

seriously adam tu is too perfect..maybe ada malay guy mcm die tp sgt susah nak cari..if ada..sure giler lucky kot..haha..

aku farahin sabri said...

yes!..i agree..we cannot expect that adam would be too nice and patient..i know there's limit for's just that it seems like a cliche ending..i mean,i expect adam would listen to maya first (but i know the intention to make amani was the reason for adam to forgive maya..)

lisa-hmm..not sure abt her..but sure she needs to improve..mcm penipu je klo, "i'm happy when i see a person i loved happy",muka dy mcm xiklas jek..huhu..

ada part amani was distracted by props yg jatuh but adam pusingkn kpla dr tgk prop 2..tyme tu mmg sy gelak xbrenti..haha..

yes,maybe ada..kot..klo dpt,fuhhh...xkn jd bodoh mcm maya..hahaha

btw,i like it too..hehehe