Tuesday, May 29, 2012

me and pulau perhentian..=D

hari ni,a quite hactic but fun day!
as i mentioned in last entry,abt the 3 things happened today..

so,it began with my family and i went to sent off my granparents,aunt and uncle to Mekah..then we went back so that my family can pack things up and go to Perlis,my hometown..now,i'm in Perhentian Island with my friends!!..hehehe

what's making it hactic is because i didn't sleep at all!!..ever since before we sent of our granparents to KLIA..i can't sleep that night so i went to airport with bright unsleepy eye..then i rushed to jetty for perhentian island and here i am now!..still not sleep..T_T..i want to sleep but since there's RunningMan96 available to download,i think i better download first..hahaha

note jari:plug ade satu je,nak main laptop n nak charge bateri enset..aigoooo~

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