Sunday, July 12, 2009


hi..i'm here just to wrote somthin..
last thursday (9/7/09)..
my uncle had died in an accident..
he was in perlis *my hometown*
i'm not that close to him but,
thinkin that i'm not be able to see him anymore,
it hurts me..
worst,i can't see him for the last..
bcoz since i'm here in KL for my study..
all my family members gone to perlis that morning after
my aunt called and said he's dying..
he was comma at the time..
i receive his died news from my aunt on 12 o'clock that day..
i'm soo damn sad because i was not there to calm my mom..
since my uncle was the only brother she had..and the youngest..
but i know all my fmly hv really strong heart
and thay could made it together..
i hope he will rest in peace..

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