Thursday, July 23, 2009

hungry in Berjaya Time Square

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we went to BTS last week..
~~me,kari n pq~~
we took kl monorail at Chow Kit Road on 10am..
arrived at BTS (imbi plaza) abt 1030am..
we went to 5th floor first n planning of wanderin down n down..
first,we look for food
soo hungry breakfast yet..huhu..
cari pye carik,then we found mcdonald..
then,hv our breakfast there..
i cannot tell the set we took bcoz i nvr been in mcdonald..
lol..only in kfc..
these are pics of how girls eat
very untidy..

haha..xde org nk wat menantu nih..

ha,gelak! gelak!..tepuk kepala kang!

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