Monday, July 27, 2009


no special post..hehe..
but wanna tell u abt what had happen today..
my kolej where i live (hostel)
is facing critical problem now..
this morning,abt 940am,
my fren sent me a msg
asking me if i heard
the announcement just now..
but,,i read the msg abt 1030am..
so lazy to reply the msg,i call her..
she said,lorr u still dunno ahh???
i said,what??
the college is closing...
we're leaving the college..
a h1n1 case reported..
WHAT!!??!!..<--this was how i was like..
i went out to balcony (wif sleepy face)
and ask someone there..
she said,yes but they want us to stay..
they will make another announcement
whether we really hv to
go back home or stay..
on 12pm (i think)..
we went to hall for a meeting..
they said,we'll hv to wait
for the case's result,
then they'll decide if the students
will go home or not..
only 1student that hv take the test n
abt 50 students raise their hands
for hving the simptoms..
they are now quarantined...
(im not one of them..thank god)
until the post is made (647pm),
no new announcement is made..
i think we're gonna hv to stay for tonight
and go home tomorow..
ahh~~i dunno what shld i feel rite now..
happy of going home ; scared of h1n1
i dunno....hukhukhuk...
*wish me luck k!!*

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