Monday, August 20, 2012

A non-horror GHOST story..

i finished watch this drama a few weeks back but only now i'm able to write about's bcoz i encountered a marathon of CF i hve in my hrddisk..i dunno how on earth i can own that but let the heaven decide that..huhu..i saw SoJiSub-shii handsome face on it!hell heaven handsome mann!..hik3..i started to like this man since his Memories in Bali drama (with HaJiWon-shii,JoInSung-shii n ParkYeJin-shii,2004)..been soo long after he's back from army is it?..ngeheeee..ommo,i'm too far from main title..@_@..mianh~~

ja,let's go back to's a drama named GHOST but actually it has another name..PHANTOM..mainly,Ghost was used korean it's called YuRyeong (Ghost)..i hv no idea about this story at the beginning..u know,i'm a bit choosy in selectng drama coz i like to download than watch it,it must worthy enough for me to spend my broadband limit..huhu..but since the beginning i wanted to download this drama because of sojisub..yeah!now i start talking about sojisub-shii again..hahaha.. 

this drama,every n each episode never once made me relax..start from epi 1,the development of the story was jjang!..congratz to the team for producing this great piece!..

how it affects me?mo,i started to stare at my webcam each time i turn on my's kinda scary thnking that people can see me tru my own webcam..huhu..i learnt about the fact from chinese movie back then but nver bothered..but now this Ghost story makes me really aware of it..psst,i even take a piece of paper to cover it u know..LOLXDD..*facepalm*

the first 4 episodes i watched,the series do not gain much attention coz it competes with gentlemen's dignity and time slip dr jin,as well as big n i do i do..i recommended this series so much to my friends..but yup,people,when they heard GHOST,they first asked me was it ghost story or what..haha,i know they dun like horror movie,what else a series!..haha..since i like mysterious story so it a good thing for me..hik3..

however,some part of the story really did not make sense to,since its cyber crime scene,so is it other section did not play roles?i mean,when there's mrders or other cases,then they shld look for thumbprint or other evidences right,,but not even once,the fctual evidence plays role in solving the mystery..they can even touch the evidences without wearing gloves..n find the culprit who uses the lptop by looking at the hstory folder?'s soo mysterious..LOLXD..

i love the ending tho,i was a bit worried when i think about wht will happen to woohyun n kiyoung at the end..but it turns out to be kiyoung remains to be woohyun..altho it's a bit unfair,yeah unfair to the dead woohyun but its better for the son..actually i was expecting him to be back to be real ki young,but no chance for that..huhu..n finally the dead woohyun remains as the dead and guilty Hades..wait,did i missed anything from the series?it nver says anything about this right?charge upon Hades remains right???..wait a minute,,,,,,after the case,kiyoung still uses Hades's virus to solve problems,so is that means the charge was dropped?eh,nooo..they used it secretly post is getting longer and longer if i kept on writing while thinking like this..huhu..

anyway,if u r still wondering what series to watch,i highly recommend this after Gentlemen's dignity n time slip dr jin..there r other good series, BIG and i do i do but i havent watch those 2 so i dun really like to comment on thing i dun watch..i'll start watching the 2 soon coz i already hve the copies..(yeay!)...people says it's good so go n watch it bebeh!

till then,buhbye!!

p/s-today is the first day of Syawal..gained 1kilo after losing sad thinking about tomorrow's food..huk3


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