Saturday, August 18, 2012

kim kyung tak ieee jugoessoyo..

at the moment i wrote this, i'd just finish watching Time Slip Dr Jin final episode..=D..

as expected, the ending is quite good i think...well,it's an happy ending for info..everyone loves happy ending right..lolxd..but at this happy ending celebration moment,there's some sad ending happened which made the total ending is great!.. 


ONE drop of tear came out from my bucket..only ONE okei..hahaha..i din teared when KKT died but dropped one when his long-lasting friend cry for him..really sad thinking abt how young hwi loved this friend..wuhuuuuuuuu.. 

anyway,dr jin finally came back to future n saved mi na as well..i love the fact that when he's trying to save mina,he put the electric thingy to mi na,the same number to times he saved young rae in joseon..yay! 

i really wonder what happened in joseon after dr jin dissappear..did they still use the medicine?i mean,in real history the book dr jin read,it was stated that a female doctor shine out ahead from her time..since the book was in hangul,i dun understand sepatah haram pon..huhu.. 

the circulating history in the story rather confusing the the beginning but understandable if we realllly think hard..huhu..lemme explain what i understood..huk3..

the man in bandage in epi 1 was probably dr jin,trying to go back to save young rae..
u know,dr jin was not awake for 4 days after ppl found his body in kanghwa island, that's probably the time when he took the equipment for surgery n wanting to go back n save youngrae who's unconscious in war..
dr jin later does not remember the event..
the other dr jin,the future one, was dealing with mi na accident case as well as the tumor case..
wait,so that means, actually dr jin was performing surgery to his own brain!?scary enough?LOLXD..
how dr jin can appear at the same time,i dunno..huhu..
but that must be the reason why he dissappeared..
the bandaged man (dr jin) wanted to go back to joseon so he stood on the roof where dr jin was also there at the time..
but it turns out to be dr jin was the one who fell from the roof n go to joseon but farr way back..
the 2 dr jins was dr jin who do not know he was going back to past, and another dr jin who just came back from the past..
and that's how the history circulate..
all done by dr jin..hahahahaha..

these are all my prediction only laaaa,,dun believe it doe! 

now,bonus picture...trum trum trummmmmmm 

aigoooo...comey jek 3 org budak2 nih!..=P



onsoomi said...

sama. aku malah hampir nangis pas adegan ini. bener-bener ga rela kyeong tak harus berakhir seperti itu :((

FarahinSabri said...

Hi Onsoomi.. =D right?..but JaeJoong crying scene in epi21 really broke my heart..he is soo good!.. =D