Tuesday, August 14, 2012

all finished download and watch..=)

dramas completed..=D

good drama indeed!..i like jang dong gun charcter the most!ihik~.. but the story is kinda urrrrmm can i say no development? i dunno y but the story is predictable i mean the ending laa,,the details r good..hehehe

also a good drama,,the beginning is kinda boring to me bcoz it only shows about how dr jin save the people..it's getting interesting in the middle when he startd to think abt why he went to joseon n how the things he had done in joseon affects him in future..gahhh..this story us not yet end so i'm looking forward to see how he goes back to future..=)

i need romance 2012 is a very happy yet sad story..i did sheard tears watching this drama..(apalgi klau tgk sorg2 tu,feeling terlebih..LOLXD)..i watched the ending last nite n it was a good ending..it basically tells u abt LOVE,,how will u know u'r in love n how to preserve what u feel..sgt sedih taw citer nih..huk3..

ghost is really differ to the 3s above..it's a cyber investigation series..i love the story line,seriously confusing but acceptable..it makes me really wonder if it can really happen in the real world..cyber crime looks soo unfamiliar to me..huhu.. anyway,so ji sub is jjang!hahaha

now i'm considering other new dramas..i really dunno what drama shld i donlod..hope to get recommendation from friends..hehehe..


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