Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new dramas on the line

there's a few dramas i'm downloading replacing those ended..

Arang and the Magistrate

this drama has the highest reputation among the listed drama,i think..people really looking forward for this one..lee junki jz came back from army so this is his drama comeback..i really like junki!ever since 'my girl'..shim minah,i dun really like her but can deny that she can act well..huhu..anyway, the story is about Arang,a daughter of a magistrate in Joseon time..living with her father n wicked stepmom who tries to kill her..eventually she was killed,,his father resign later due to shame for he thought Arang flee with some man..so each time new magistrate come to serve,Arang will appear n tell the real story..all those new magistrates flee in fear except Lee eunoh(junki),he promised to help to find the murderer..im still thinking abt what will hppen btwen the 2,,typically they will fall in love but since Arang is a ghost,then..?lets watch n see..=)


i do this this is a good drama but there's too much of time travel drama recently..rooftop prince,dr jin,n some other dramas i dun rmmber..huk3..altho the story line was definitely different but it's kinda boring..huk3..this time,the man(minho) who came from the past came to take a plastic surgeon doctor (heesun) to the past becasue they need her medical skill..gahhh,medical again..sob3..anyway,we'll see whther it a good drma or not..as u cn see i'm not having really much hope on this drama..huhu..

To the Beautiful You

this is another not-anticipated drama for me..i dunno why i really dun like such remake..altho dr jin is also a remake but i hvnt watched the original so i dun really care..but since i watched the hana kimi version so i'm not really,how to say it,excited?..plus,it's minho n sulli,,errrr..mybe i'm too negative but i dun like them much..huk3..addition,it's SM drama..grrrrr~..we'll see.. 

Reply 1997

it's a not really popular drama i think..not gaining much attention but i think this drama is kinda good..it's about a high school student,idolize boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friend..they r not popular actors but kinda known to me..esp ji won shii..it's already 6th episodes available..i'd downloaded all but havent watch any of it..xsempat!..huhu..will start it later.. 

p/s-after hols,it's another busy week for me..huhu

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