Sunday, January 13, 2013

how to download videos from provider.

many people ask me how to download dramas and movies that i have, graved in my harddisk..

after soo many oral teaching i had made,
i think it's time to share things i know.

there are sooo many ways you can use to download dramas and movies.

i'll share a few sites in which i had used n still using.

warning : this gonna be a long post.if you have no interest to download,skip it or you'll regret it.


1)YouTube..not my 1st choice but certainly an easier option.the quality is not that bad (except for those craving for HD). however,there's tooo many broken n blocked vid,and too easy to be blocked since south korea broadcasting stations are going really harsh on the uploaders for their copyright (altho i think they shld actually thank them for spreading the love =).. some uploaders hate to upload it on YT,but some who did will make it private.u cannot see the vid unless u have the link.
(tips:download the vid as soon as it is uploaded.don't wait.u'll end up dissappointed) =(

2)DailyMotion..i kinda like this provider becoz it's not that easy to be blocked (till now i haven't find any vid blocked).i simply like it though.better than YT.the quality is not as much option as YT,but it is still watchable.
(tips:i don't know what tips to give.\o/)

there's others but i don't really like those bcoz the downloader i'm using do not support them.


1)Real Player Downloader..i used this when i first install Real Player Gold (if i'm not mistaken).it's pretty fast and easy too!..u just need to open the vid and let the downloader detect the some few second,u will see "download this video" pop up from the on it and the download starts!..but i stopped using it ever since i formatted my laptop.i can't use the downloader even if i installed latest version of real player.(maybe bcoz i started to watch using GOM Player back then, RP is rebelling against me..=P)
(tip:let the vid load till finish first,then u press the download tab,the download will finish instantly because you had had it buffered--this worked for me. i saved so much time bcoz it took more time to download than buffer.)

2)IDM aka Internet Download Manager..i never own this!yes,never!ever!'s a need to install it first..some people really recommend this and me too recommend this..i used my sister's lappy to download something using IDM,and it download pretty fast! i mean,very fast! download,you need to paste the link on IDM and press start button..the best thing is,u can download from any supported sources (bacisally means ALL sources).. i'm not prominent IDM user so my guide could be wrong.but certainly, IDM can help u download with high speed. =). reason why i didn't use IDM,it's hard to find the cracked installer.always got trial version which made me click the X.
(tip:u can always pause your download and restart it at wherever u paused,u may get disconnected and connected again but do not get disconnected too long)

3)YouTube Downloader..another good stuff but as you can read,yes,ONLY youtube..u need to install it to use works quite fine however..quite faster than the downloader i'm using now..minus point for it is that you need to always update the software.if not,u can't download the'll not automatically update but u need to download latest version,as if you havent got one before..T_T
(tip:install the latest version and always update yourself to the updated version)

4)Ant Downloader..not so many knew about this plug's not a software but a plug-in for's quite handy and easy to use..but u need to use modzilla firefox (i changed my favour to firefox from chrome because of this)..when you had installed the plug-in, the download button will appear on the toolbar of your firefox. whenever u 'play' vid,it will find the original source and download it for you (it's not automatic of course,u'll need to click the button to download) supports most video provider (quite similar to IDM services but IDM serves it wider).minus point for this is it detects the advertisement videos too (that's why i hate sites with many ads!!)
(tip:look at the options before you download.u maybe end up download the add instead of the vid.u can know it's the real videos by seeing the size..10MB is ok for a video but 100KB is certainly not the vid u searched for unless u really are trying to download the ads)

5) easiest and convenient video downloader!'s not a software,nor's a website! just need to copy the links and click the download button. a few videos quality options will appear later and u only need to click on any of it. it work best on firefox (i think).this has become my back up solution if i can't download using Ant Downloader..but became my main downloader if i'm downloading on Dailymotion. =) it will update the plug-in once in a while.if the newer one has problem but it'll get fixed very adds more video provider websites after updated. minus point : do not support many video provider for example VK websites.but YouTube and Dailymotion are basics.
(tips:you'll never know if the provider is supported or not,so just try yr luck if u u have any vid to download)

6)'s the best option when you have slow internet connection since it can mend to your speed..the slower connection you have the slower your download finish (of course),but although it's slow,u don't have to worry if u got disconnected because it won't harm your download!'s a good stuff even to those with high speed but unbalance connection (other words:yr connection is really good but have the risk of disconnected suddenly) has it's own websites that share the torrents (ex:asiatorrent)..but,minus point:torrent files usually big and HD,not really suitable for watchable-quality-hunter like download HD (usually 700mb for each korean drama episode) using slow internet connection,it might not take hours but days..T_T
(tip:look at the seeds,leechers and peers when you download bcoz your download speed also depends on them.the more seeds,the faster it gets..that is why downloading old dramas and movies are not recommended using this,except it's real popular.)

major tips for the day : always use modzilla firefox to download things.i recommend this for those who have slow internet.u can pause the download to disconnect and reconnect. (but don't disconnect too long!,u'll lost the source)..pausing thingy,u can't do that if u are using chrome..after reconnecting,click play button and the download continues as usual and the vid got no problem later.
also,it's a good thing for those who might have unbalanced connection like i mentioned before.whenever u sense that the connection is lost,u can immediately click pause before it stops downloading.u will need to start all over again if this happen..T_T

see?i wrote too much..T_T

i know i shld have provided links to those i mentioned above but i am toooo lazy to do it now.haha..mianh!

YES!of course there're other ways to download.those i shared here are those used to download streaming videos.not direct download link ok.. =) ..mybe some tips for that in next next next post.. =P

galaxynoteI-i will post about where to download later.that gonna be another longer post!..i don't know when will i hve the time to scratch on my blog but i will try to find time. -- talk as if people really read this..muahahah!!


Simpson549 said...

I'm using a browser that let's me download so many file types and it's all built-in to the browser. I don't know if you've heard of it- it's called Torch browser and I totally recommend it!

FarahinSabri said...

Thanks for sharing!!imaybe i shld try that browser too someday..