Thursday, August 27, 2009

[FAN REPORT] 091003 Shanghai Concert - I believed, this love, will be forever..12.10.09~~1.24pm


[FAN REPORT] 091003 Shanghai Concert - I believed, this love, will be forever

The concert ended, in the “Miduhyo” chants, we were waiting – we were waiting for a miracle. Despite waiting for five minutes, ten minutes, they still did not appear again. However, from the staff members taking out their cameras one after the other, from the photographer who had turned off their cameras, but turned it on again to film and record this touching moment of the whole stadium of “Miduhyo,” I knew that we did it.

So what if the world has forsaken you? We would stand behind you, and renounce the world with the five of you.

Yoochun, I knew that you are a cry baby. Who knew that you had already started crying during your solo performance? The previous second, you seemed to be carrying a smirk on your face, wavering and asking yourself whom to give the three stalks of fresh flowers to. The next second, you’re choking with sobs into the microphone. I saw the large beads flowing from your eyes. I heard the orderly “bye bye bye bye bye love” from the whole audience; I caught sight of your pupils – touched, and I’ve heard the sound blossoming at the softest part of your heart.

Yunho, you are the most fantastic leader, you’re always the figure – kind, yet strong in our hearts. You’re the person who might even stand firm, even if one day, the sky falls down. How could you your eyes be slight red? I heard it, you said, “The five of us will continue to be together, always, always, and we won’t part forever.” Facing the whole stadium of “Miduhyo,” you said, “We know.” Yes, all of us know, we will be together, forever.

Junsu, you've always been the happiest, the most kind-hearted, and you believed the existence of Santa Claus. You like your own weird English, but today, I saw you closing your eyes, biting the corner of your lips. You wanted to hold back your tears, right? You wanted to bring “Angel Xiah” - smile to us instead, right? You wanted to leave a manly impression in front of your parents, am I right? All of us understand that, you are singing with your soul. Despite the many times you mentioned you wanted to be a soccer player, but your bones and blood have already fused with this stage. In the future of our lives, our ears could not be short of your singing – distinctive and slightly husky, just like the nature.

Jaejoong, you are always the happiest in China. The screams you led everyone when you lifted up your hair and the sneaky smile when you heard your own name, how could you leave two trails of tears today? In spite of that, you were still running about and collecting everyone's fan club towels. You wore that cute blue beanie, and all of us could see through your eyes – moved.

Changmin, our little prince, today you looked like an oppa, really, finishing off what Yunho wanted to say steadily when the leader choked on his own tears. Still, I saw it, your declaration: “My life is law-abiding.” When the lights went off, you looked at us and waved happily, during the Ha Ha Ha Song, you sat at a place which was nearest to us, rushing us with your smiles.

I believed, this love, will be forever. Even if the heaven and earth may break; the river water may dry up, looking back, we had once spent a night when all of us shouted the particular names together, telling them, the time shall pass, the winds and clouds shall change unexpectedly, but we will forever be their strongest reliance, the warming, yet formidable strength behind them.

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wow..this is so touching...
my heart is gloomy...
and im holing back the tears...
i hv full believe to you oppas..



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