Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TVXQ press conference cut in malaysia part 1..26.08.09~5.45am

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TVXQ press conference cut in malaysia part 1

first i saw this vid when i anonymously click on youtube..

and i was like..


these r the translation of part of it..
not totally same coz i edit out some unnecessary points....

Press:you hv tried malaysian foods.i heard they ordered 'nasi lemak' just now.are there any favourite?

Yunho(by translator):i love 'nasi lemak'(popular spicy food in malaysia).i really like it.

Xiah (by translator) :on the way up here thru malaysia airline,they serve 'satay' on board.i love satay especially 'chicken satay' today.

Press:thank you.obviously they're not try 'durian' (delicious fruit but hve a very hard smell that some people cant resist) yet.Durian is very very good.

Yunho(by translator) :we'll try after tonight.

Press:it smell like 'roses'..haha..(yunho:very true)..yah very true..what do u think malaysian?
(talkin to other presses)..haha..okay..we know u know some malay..can u speak some malay for us?

Yunho:Gadis Malaysia cantik..[malaysian girls are pretty..]

Press:gadis malaysia sangat lawa..memang laa..[malaysian girls are very pretty..of course laa..(cantik=lawa)..okay..some more?

changmin:jumpa lagi malaysia..(see you malaysia)
not sure abt this one

yoochun:saya cinta kamu..(i love u)

jaejoong:haha..saya cinta kamu..(i love u)

press:thank you..u have done a great job..will u would like anything in malaysia like do MV shoot here

yunho(by translator) : we were told that there are many beautiful island in malaysia like mount kinabalu (in sabah)..there maybe opportunity for them to shoot in malaysia..

press:it would be great seeing DBSK on the peak of mount kinabalu..very beautiful..smell like flower..haha..MV is possible..
not enuf time so i stop here k..
nasi lemak : very popular -->special cooked rice + special spicy paste + boiled egg + fried ground nuts n wraped in banana leaves..usually ate for breakfast..i know why they love this,its bcoz its can be very spicy..depends on the chef..
satay : meat (can be chicken or beef) are cut into ball n stuck wif stick (usually japanese sticks)..been dipped onto special sauce for a day n cooked abv charcoal fire (not sure how to describe wif special 'kuah kacang' + cucumber n onion + nasi himpit..
durian : a very delicious fruit. it hv hard skin n yellow fleshy..why people cant stand this fruit is by their hv too powerfull smell. some people say its horrible n some say it was very spendid smell (im one of them! found in malaysia n some part of thailand..
ahh..chunnie says i love u...must be pointed to
jaejoong was soo cute saying the words..
when they are coming back to malaysia????
keep wonderin..
but ill keep hoping
theyll be here someday n i get to see them by face!
*saranghae DongBangShinKi!*

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