Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Chunnie's Trivia..27.08.09~4.40pm

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More Chunnie's Trivia

○ He is left-handed but writes using his right hand.

○ He learned the piano all by himself. Even he didn't know how to read notes, he was wise enough to imitate other people's hand movements.

○ He does not want to get married. (He often stresses this during interviews but Yunho said that the person who usually says something like this will end up getting married first.)

○ He enjoys eating ramen while in Japan and would nag the other members to join him eat even during late at night. If they didn't join him, he would blackmail them by saying stuff like, "If it was you who asked me, would I refuse?"

○ He dreams of buying a boat and wants his band to perform in that boat.

○ He had experienced getting lost in translation a couple of times. First was when his family moved to the US and he didn't know any English then. Another one was when he came back to Korea that he had to adjust to speaking the Korean language again. And lastly, when the band started out in Japan, none of them knew Japanese.

○ On his 21st birthday, he was given 1000 CDs of different genre by his fans.

○ He considers Dong Bang Shin Gi as his most valuable treasure.

○ He was inspired by the song "Tears in Heaven" and that made him pursue a career in music.

○ He plans to go on vacation in Europe with his family, particularly in Switzerland and France (Provence).

○ He always sleeps with the aircon on even during winter.

○ He was once labeled as a 'Homme Fatale' (Dangerous Male) by his Korean fans.

○ The first big thing he got for himself was a piano. He bought it after saving all the money he got from working six part time jobs back in the US

○ Because of his natural charm and good looks, he already had a fan club at the tender age of 12 (and he wasn't a member of TVXQ yet!). A former classmate once revealed this truth on the show called Happy Together Friends

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