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JaeChunSu, created a stage which filled with appreciation

A Performance that endued with new meanings

The central stage with passages that stretched out to 4 different directions. In dim light, the venue was immersed in red ocean created by fans. On the big screen appeared messages from three of them, from there the concert began.

Junsu ---'I can't live if I don't sing'.
Jejung ---'It couldn't be better if all of us can become one through music.'
Yuchun ---'Due to support from everyone, I have made it here.'

Three of them who made their appearance on the passages, walked slowly to the central stage in the cheering of fans. Started with singing 'Just because I had met you', from their new song 《いつだって君に》.

During their first MC, 'I miss you guys so much! Let's go high together!' This lifted fans' spirit to the max.
Jejung and Yuchun's duet 'shelter' and Junsu's solo 'Kanashimi no Yukue' showing off their delicate vocal through these soothing ballads. During the MC, Jejung even acted the scene from 'Sunao ni Narenakute', the series drama which he participated and hugged Junsu. This funny TALK heated up the atmosphere in Dome. However the dancers went on stage shortly after that, bringing the enthusiastic performance of 'TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat.YUCHUN'. This followed by 'been so long', which demonstrated blending of vocal from special guest Lisa, soulful rap from Yuchun and high pitched vocal from Jejung harmoniously.

With full of gratitude, Created a touching stage with fans
After Kome Kome CLUB's '君がいるだけで' and other songs which showed off their harmonious chorus, the performance entered member's solo part. Yuchun brought a girl on stage from the audience and sang the lovely 'My Girlfriend' to her, causing continuous screaming from fans. 'Maze' that performed by Jejung is a song in rock genre, while Junsu performed his sexy dance song 'XIAHTIC'.
In order to get closer to fans, they wandered around the stage passages and audience seats unexpectedly, sometimes they would enter the stage gorgeously and had varies performances. Riding on carts, they going around the Dome while performing their last 2 new songs.
During the song 'Get Ready', the fans followed the members' hand movements while enjoying it. The members threw colorful balls to fans while singing '歩くよ、前に' from the song 'LONG WAY'.

To response to fans' cheering for encore, the members who went on stage again expressed their true feelings.

With gratitude, Yuchun said 'Although I was worried, but because of everyone, we are able to perform today.'
Junsu said with determination, 'For not disappointing the love that all of you have for us, I must work harder on stage.'
Jejung too, promised that,'I want to continue singing with the same pure heart that persists from the day of debut.'

After the speech, they performed their new song 'W'. With lyrics '君を待ってる' and 'いつか逢える', they conveyed all their sincere feelings to everyone in Dome.

After the LIVE ended with a total of 18 songs, three of them kept on repeating 'Thank you' to the fans. By the moment they stepped down the stage, the fans who witnessed their tears bestowed them with thunderous applause.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 驻足
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + akufarahinsabri

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