Monday, June 21, 2010

Leave message to JaeJoong!!

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[INFO] Foreign Fans allowed to leave Congratulatory messages for Jaejoong

This was retweeted by Chiba Ryuhei (Avex VP).
If you want to leave a congratulatory message for Jaejoong on his drama, etc.,
see below:

Messages for Jaejoong

Dear foreigns fans of Jaejung!

I am receiving supporters' messages for Jaejung from fans who live
overseas(not living in Japan).
If you are interested in sending a message or want to send it, please use
a special mailing form that I will inform you.

[check the site here]

After receiving your messages, I will print them out with Japanese postal
cards and I will dispatch them to Jaejung with Japanese fans.
Please write in English,Korean or Japanese in order to read him.
The deadline is on June 30th.

Thank you for your reading and I am looking forward to receiving your

with love,

Yuna(Ai);manager of this site

Credits: ces@soompi
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