Sunday, June 27, 2010

no story but another story..

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hmmm..nak update psl ape ehh?..aku tgh borink neh..huhu..
ok,cite psl arini je lah...

pg td,aku bgn (xigt pkol bape) sbb aku ptt naek bas pkol 830..
so,proses bersiap pon berlaku...
then,abt 835 or somethin,i went to bus station with my mother..
my father will follow after this..
well,since today is school on,my mother n father lari sebentar..haha..
at bus station,i wait...and wait....and wait...
the bus started from KB so,abt an hour it should be here already,
but,until 930 it didn't show up..hmm...ok,i wait (what else can i do??)..
and wait...and wait...hmmm...
around 10 it did'nt show up yet...aduhai...dah la aku blom makan...*sigh*
xpe2..patient...i wait...and wait...and wait...hmmmm...
1030,yes it came!..
first i went to check is it a right bus?..
i gave my ticket to the conductor and he said (with surprise voice)..
"seat 2A?,we wait for u at Selising for half an hour u know??"
[ini adalah translation,,pakcik tu bkn pndai sgt ckp BI..eheh]
and i was like..huh??..pehal plak??..lam tiket aku terpampang
"tempat naik = pasir puteh"
and in his list-->"tempat naik = selising"
pehal plak nk marah aku??marah la org y jual tiket kt aku...aduihh~..
huhu...xpe laa...dy pon xde tmpat nk marah...trima je laa...
kira niat dy tuh dah baek dah..sanggup tunggu smpi stgh jam..huk3..
after few hours dlm bas,
around 530,i reached putra station..
coincidently i met erna..(haha)..she was waiting for arel,
so we got back together with lrt..heee~
around 630 we reached IPIK..
that's the story..i found something that makes me very
but that's another story...weeee~

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