Friday, June 25, 2010


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WOW..these few days was really a hactic day..
why?because i had a very bad schedule and life style..hek3..
this week was a total hactic coz it was whole week that i was not at home..lolx..
i sleep late at night
(even now is 341AM and only God knows when will i publish

and wake up late tomorrow..or maybe early,depend on my activity..hehe..

ok,now,back to the story..
hmm...where should i start?...
lets start on (lemme check the calendar first)..

.......5 minutes gone........

[OMG,i'm staring at the calendar!i forgot what had i done!?!]

ok,19th of June--> my brother was taking his bus,going back to KL...and i was at home,teaching my lil brother doing his homework (coz tomorrow the school reopen..haha)..i'm messaging with clahpten on FB..asking if we can go outing for bowling...hmmmmm....i asked pjah about it...but it kept undecided at the moment..i sleep at let say 330?..that's a lie..i forgot..

20th of June --> hmmm...i kept recycling my brain for more infos...well,for sure no activity today..coz last night's topic was left undecided..but i'm sure i went somewhere!..[sorry,my memory was.......]..pjah asked me abt the bowling i replied,"esok nok?"..then,that's how we decide thing..lolx..that nite,i was busy PMing the others,asking who wanna make the story short (it's long believe me),only 5 girls wanna,Pjah,Dini,ClahPten and's fine..1 car will do..done..end of story..,,,,,,oh,forgot again the time i slept..(huahahaha)...ha!..i remember i watched Brazil VS Ivory Coast that nite..the game ended on 430AM (+-) and i slept on 5AM+- (coz i continue messanging wif someone along the game..haha)...[dendam coz KAKA got red card still membara dowh..haha]..ok,end of story..(for today)

21st of June --> OK!,BOWLING!!..*excited laugh*..we met on (not sharp finally) 930AM..[God knows how i should feel after 2hours sleep..lolx]..around 11,we reached KBMall (that's the only place we can play bowling..ok..lie again..Billion pon ade tp xbest..hehe...)..
[[[[[[[[[[playing the game]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
ktungktang pin jatuh,,,ade y xjatuh langsung,,,drool trus msuk longkang pon ade...hik3..(xperlu la kot merekodkan episod memalukan ini..hek3)
anyway,i do have pictures but unfortunately i'd lost my bluetooth adaptor..*cry*..[so hard to transfer my pictures w/o the adapter..huk3] sorry my friends..well,making the story shorter (coz dah malas nk menaip)..Pjah n Salme got highest score (both 98 pin fall)..Dini (81 pin (80) and 'loser' ClahPten (76)..haha..[persaingan sengit nmpknya..haha..]..well,that's about it..oh not yet,we went to eat at McD..and walking....walking...buying...surveying...walking...trying...walking...talking... walking....(oh no when this gonna stop?)...walking..talking...take up things...put down things...pull out money...receive the balance...walking again...go for solat (i dun remeber this???..kt mana ehh kwn2??)'s not end there!..reached pasir puteh,we went to the Zon Ria..hahahaha...i bought something for sure..kui3..fulstop..i dun wanna talk abt my dress...(hehe).. ok,end of day..oh sory,another thing,i went to take Kancil but that's another story..hehe..
[aduh,Belanda VS Cameroon ended alredy]-it's 2-1 if u wanna know..

22nd of June --> wah!..another long story..ok,i know..make it short! to make this short haa?..well,today,we went to buy things for our,Pjah,CheLah,and Dini..that's our basic job when BBQ is concern..haha..
after ulang alik around pasir puteh yang lawa lagi cantik malah rumit dan ramai orang,sudahla membeli...senarai kedai (mengikut susunan) --pasar->ABCD->grai bihun sup kak long (huh?)->pasar->econ->pasar->cimb->umah dini<-[eh patah balik]->skolah kamil =amek adik=->umah sy =drop adik=->umah dini =cuci ayam=..
alamak,senarai kdai dah jd senarai tmpt y kitorg singgah..haha..ok la tuh..memang pendek..kui3..around 330 i went back coz fmily nk pergi KB..(dpt shelai lg baju..wawawawa)..3org lg stay till 430 at dini's house..sory geng xabeskn shif..haha..[[sambungan]] aku tidor pkol 430 lg..haha..tgk bola lerr..hek3..sape lawan ntah..jap nk check..ha,Nigeria VS South Korea (2-2)..hehe..

23rd of Jun --> yeah! was the day!!..ahaks!..(aduih byk lg aku kn mnulis neh..)..well,as usual,shorten the intro now..we met at 930AM (well,for info,930=1000)..[[ops sory,aku pg smbung esey utk 22nd of June..hehe]]..finally,at 1015,we start to move..

..after some challenges,sesat and wrong ways (haha) we reached the place..pantai usual,girls (or women?..hmmm 0_o..) pull out the maps and serve everthing we brought and the boys (men already?..sure??) start put up the fire...after some struggle,we did it!..(nothing fun to write now)..but we did wait for so long for the food to cook..aduihh..around 1,or 2,or 3(?) then we can eat..(adiuhlaa,,dah la aku xmkn pg td..huk3)..after eating,(we eat!..nothing interesting!)..we went for picture snapping..yeah! favourite part..ahaks!..4 cameras were brought..Dini's,VT's,Erin's,and Dayah's..we pose like never before..haha..many different pose and smiles..(again,no picture,same problem..aduhaii)..well,check for FB pictures only lah..haha..after sembahyang (kt msjd berhampiran), we went back again for more picturing moment..haha..around 4PM,we start to pack things and 430 we convoyed home...hehe...around 5PM,we reached pasir puteh and we brake up to sent our friends home..(many things happen around this time but i prefer to kept it secret..eheh)..6PM i reached home..believe it or not,i asked my sister to play badminton wif me..hahaha..i fell asleep in front of TV until 830..after smyg,i continue sleeping till....................................................(cont)

24th of June --> (cont)'s 1130pm btw...(OMG..i dun wanna count how many hours i'd slept..T_T)..nearly 12,VT calls to ask me to temankan dy ke KB..i said "ok!"..haha..1230,she picked me up at my house..on 130 we reached at Balai Islam..(antar borang for permohonan zakat)..then we went to Tesco..after sesat and everything, we reached tecso safely..lolx..after solat,we eat sizzling (kn kacau oleh abg jual sizzling la plak..haha..)..well,then we enter the main market..dragging the trolley back and forth..from no one at the store till the store was full with fellow customers,we still 630(after solat) we travel back home...around 715PM we can hear both parents start calling..haha..730 i reached home and i dun know at what time did VT reached home..haha..that's the end of todays i still awake, just for u,blog!..ok,fine..i watch football..another game had started,Ghana VS Germany (ulang tayang) not gonna wait..wanna go sleep now..huk3..but i need to edit my font and colour still...*sigh*

ill tell u at what time i post this okey!..
start writing --> 3.41 AM
finish writing + touch up + football --> 5.36AM
= around 2hours(just for an entry)..

that about it..
not hoping for anyone to read but in case anyone read,
-->i love all my friends!!!<---

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