Friday, July 9, 2010

How Good Did U Know Yourself

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aku nk jwb tag dri kwn aku..@attoae a.k.a pijah
xnk intro pnjg2..kekeke...
it's malay question but i'll answer in english..
[not to berlagak,but this will improve my english]

“sejauh mana anda mengenali diri anda”
[“How Good Did U Know Yourself”]

1.Nama panggilan [Nickname]:

i have many nicknames..the one many people use is family call me KAKAK..some of my friends call me FARAHIN (nama penuh seyh!!)..friends worldwide would prefer cousins call me KAK AIN/PAHIN (@-@)..but what special name i use-->TENMA..many ask me what TENMA means,and that's a secret..only fews people know what it means..and there're people who can guess what it means..XD

2.Saya suka [I like it when]:

internet is super duper amazingly FAST, and youtube is not a problem at,my lappy do not show any sign of pain..

3.Sahabat-sahabat baik saya [My best friends]:

throughout my life i had been in many places that requires me to find,i have a lot of friends!..the one i like,the one i hate,the one i puke on to,the one i admired to,the one very concern,the one very ignorant,the one with positive thinking,the one with negative thinking,the one with short thinking,the one with too long thinking,the one with nothing,the one with everything,the one who i copied from,the one that copied from me,the one laugh a lot,the one smile a little..i have found these kind of people..and i considered them as friends..the reason,because i like to befriend.
but-->the one who i can share everything,hardly can be found..same as u huh??

4.Saya tak faham [I don't get it]:

when my friend thought another things of what i am thinking..ok,single word->misunderstood me (tru my facial expression)..hmm..i dont have a smiling face ok..mybe that's why i smile a natural face will show up when i'm blurr (not thinking anything) and it shows an angry friends would have problem with my expression..but old friends will know that i don't like to friends won't believe that..TTT_TTT..
[[if i'm mad,i can't scold,i'll cry]]..Y_Y

5.Ramai yang kata saya [Many people say I am]:

ermm..hard to answer this..actually,i am cheerful,lively,laugh soundly,and old friend would say that..but new friend (burrfffff) won't think that way..just for some weird reasons i think they pretty much don't like me..T-T..
[should i say,why do i care??]

6.Saya paling meluat bila [I feel terrible the most when]:

2 groups (that used to be A group and seems to be very understanding and love each other) fight..what worsts when they act like nothing happen in front but at the back saying this and that..i would say i'm neutral,not taking any side..argghhh~i felt so stupid thinking abt can they have the tought of fighting..both sides are stupid..and they way the fight?,childish..

7.Aktiviti / program hari ini [activities/programme today]:

hmm..well,today is not a special day..just have meeting HELWI just now..and now,relaxing in my beloved room,doing blogging,and downloading movies..i thought of outing,but seems like no friend to join sad huh? bored when this happen..T_T

8.Perancangan hujung minggu [weekend plans]:

i'm thinking of going out which i had had this thought since last weekend (i went back to shah alam)..suddenly,memo came out saying that saturday is going to be replacement class for,only sunday left for fun..i'm going to Festival 1Malaysia at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa..wanna join?alone is fine though..

9.Saya rasa kesal bila [I regretted when]:

i hurted somebody which i never thought of hurting..that somebody misunderstood my posts..T_T

10.Saya rasa saya seorang yang [I think I am]:

a person who don't like jobs and i'll take it lightly..but when it
involves other people,i'll take it seriously..

a person who like to smile and laugh when i feel i need to..
a person who like to sing but never had a chance to show it

a person who will treat her friend nicely even though the friend
would never concern abt the treat..

a person who hated hateness and feel stupid if involved in one..
a person who like Korea so much that she learns Korean

a person who like DBSK so much that she bought their stuff which
always cost above rm100 and never use them..
a person who like KPOP so much that she goes anywhere Kpop
artist scheduled to come..
a person who will do anything she likes without bothering other's
opinion abt her..

a person who concern abt what people thought abt her but never
regretted what she had done..

[that's me]

11.Pengalaman pahit utk minggu ini [Bad experience this week]:

when my friend told me abt friend's blog which write abt me..i'm not mad because if the content of the post because i already knew abt that..but seriously,my impression to (her?him?), had changed..

12.Pengalaman manis utk minggu ini [Nice experience this week]:

my friend start to show a good what sense?i'll keep this as a secret of my life..^^

13.Kali terakhir tengok wayang [last time i watched movies]:

watching movies is everyday but in cinema was last semester,Shriek..been so long huh?..
looking forward for Toy Story 3..

14.Dalam seminggu saya akan up-date blog sebanyak
[In a week,I update this blog for..]

not depends on my mood+internet connection+lappy condition+story..i have many things to post but when it comes to writing,wargghh!..but when i start writing,so hard to stop..even if i want to stop writing,i can't because the story doesn't end yet..huk3

15. 5 Orang yang anda rasa nak tag [people u will tag]:


[[selamat menjawab!]]

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