Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i'm glad u hated me..

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hmmm...well,i'm thinking of how i should start this...hmmm~
[how can i make this not offended to anyone??]
well,i guest i can't..
cos i'm gonna to talk abt someone who had written abt me..
and that someone might or might not read this..

Timah *not real name* told me today abt a blog..
she asked me to ushar that blog..
"there're something abt u."she said..
hmmm..okay..i'll check it out..
i should be thankful if someone posted abt me..LOL..

so,i did..and u know,i just finished reading the blog..
i already had the image of the content of the post b4 i read it
so i'm fine..LOL..
i dunno why but i love to know
what people dun like abt me,

so that i could recorrect it..

now i know how much (she?he?) hated me..
i guess,(she?he?) has a hard moment when
(she?he?) asked me how to post pictures on blog..XD
so sorry that i didn't aware of yr hateness..but that's a good thing rite?..
i know u're a good girl (opps!),i'm not gonna bash u..
bcoz i like u..
ignoring the fact that u hate me..

i hope i'm not gonna tell who is it but who knows rite..
for the time being,let it be Joyah *not the real name* [but the gender is real though]..

~my reading moment~
read-->wait,is it she's talking abt me?..ok,i'll take the credit..
read-->nothing important..
read-->wah,this is mine!!..yay!
read-->wah,so romantik la u...
read--> komen..*puke*
read-->nothing more to read..

[i'd read it girl!..and u know what?,i smile all the way of my reading moment..]

and these are my comments..
[i know u'd be reading this,well,i hope so..]

girl,i knew everyone was mad at me..
it started bcoz of the post..i surely regret it..
u know why?bcoz no one had responded..
[well,there was people responded but it was the same people..
and i'm glad that u're one of the same people]..

the targetted one?..not even responded to my buzz..sad huh?
well,i know who initiated the hates toward me..
and i'm not mad at (her?him?)..send my regards though..^_^
saddest part?->when i cannot give the responsibility to those u think can work better than i do..T_T
oh,fullstop,i guess u've known everything..
and yes dear,i'm frank..when i said thing,i said with heart..

p/s->i would advice u to delete yr post..
myb not the post abt me (LOL),but the post abt others that u bashed..
don't let people know abt yr short-thinking mind,okay!..


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