Thursday, July 8, 2010

yunho calles jaejoong~

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Nah,this make me happy for a while...^_^
somebody from a group in FB had sent me a message last nite..
this was the message..


"Yunho on July 5th called JJ at around 5 o’clock (USA).They have chatted for half an hour..and Yunho asked about Junsu, he also said that he miss the members and miss before (when dbsk together)..he also told that he is practising musical… "
Credits to Selvi dear~ for the translation.


what am i happy about?..
bcoz this means Yunho did concern abt the other members..
which also means he did check out news abt them..
that also means he's still doing a leader-sshi responsible..
this will also means that there are possibility for them
to get together again..

[[this maybe be rumours but i'll take it seriously..^_^]]

if not caused by the management,
they will because of CASSIOPEIAnBIGEAST

*red pearl still alive*

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