Wednesday, July 7, 2010


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i was tagged by my bestie..attoae a.k.a pijah..TQ!
waaa~so excited to do this..keke..

the condition?--->let see~
1. Go to y0ur ph0t0 file, select the 8th f0lder...
2. Select the 8th ph0t0 in that album...
3. Then challenge 8 bl0gging friends t0 d0 the same (ermm,ok..i'll try to find..haha)

the journey begins..
[my document]*click*
[my pic]*click*
wah,only have 5 folders?..
*whattodo??..whattodo??..running back n forth*

relax~~..*fuhh*..i read the name one by one...
[5mh smkk 2007]
[a trip to langkawi - maxdrill camp 08.09 - 6.2.09]
[my family]

*thinking*..YAY!..i chose 5mh smkk 2007...
bcoz it's the best moment in my life..
wahh~i have 31folders + 29 unrooted pictures
(thnks god only need to chose the 8th..LOL)

see this ---v

and it was-->[farewell c. shahri 2007]*click*

this appear ---v

counting from 1 to 8..

this is the picture!!!


hmm..lemme think what shld i write..kekeke..
this was when we planned for surprise farewell party for cikgu shahri bcos he was leaving to SMTJ..we heard it's his first move to become a guru pakar (kan??),not sure..ahah..this is not a funny memory..we were all very sad bcoz of the news..we don't want him to forget us so we did all these..oh,lemme introduce him first,sorry that i forgot..ahah..he was our Sejarah's teacher..we really like ckgu shahri even though i never like sejarah and i never understand his lesson..haha..yet,we liked him bcoz he's funny and very sporting..^_^..he would never taught us again so we were pretty sad..T_T..
ok there's nothing funny here..farewell is always funless..what's funny is not this story,but the story behind the story..dun get it?nevermind,i dun get it either..XD
what i meant was how we planned this was what's funny..hehe..
that day was thursday and basically it was his last day at the school and pretty sure it was his last lesson in our class..our homeroom teacher (Pn. Faezah) asked,don't u wanna do something for his leaving?..we were thinking..hell we do want!!..but actually we had been given warning by the principal to not to make any food feast anymore!..well,basically because we're famous of having food feast in class..almost everyweek we would have someone to bring food..and sure we invite teachers to joinventure..^_^..the principal was worried because we're having SPM soon and still we're having fun..kekeke..ok,where am i..ermm..resulted from the principal problem,Pn Faezah finally said "tutup pintu msa makan..jgn bg pengetua nampak"..haha..Pn Faezah pon bersekongkol..the plan,the boys will go out with Pn Faezah during break (alasan-pergi pasar minggu) and we'll buy cake + coke..nothing else but cake+coke..we hid it somewhere at the back..
when he came to our class,we listened to his lesson as usual until Pn Faezah cam in with other teachers and we shouted "surprise!!"..of course we controlled our voice bcoz the principal's room was just across our class,just higher..kekeke..
we ate and chat..some of us cried,ok,that's most of us..and some of us enjoyed the cake..
the PnP was wasted but who cares?..i'm pretty sure he won't forget us..haha..

now,i mean for the time being,he's back again to the school after 1 year in SMTJ..he's back as a guru pakar..i'm not sure how he was now but kinda believe that he's still 'sihat' like it was before..haha..

alang2 dah i'm talking abt him,i shld show his picture rite..hehe..
here it is..

oh,not clear..
[[closer look]]

there he blue batik..

now,back to the tagging thing..
i'll tag~~
1)pjah (back)
2)chelah (back)
7)......alamak dah xde org nk tag..huk3..
8)....memenuhi syarat maaa~

that's the result..hek3

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