Friday, July 9, 2010

it has been a year~

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[mood : sad]
yes,it has been a year...
since he'd gone..
it feels like yesterday i met him on the last weekend of my study in matriculation..
even though i'm not that close to him but he was someone that belongs to the family..he was the only son and was beloved by everyone..
and he was gone on 9th of July 2009..
he had left his mother,his father,his wife,his daughters,his sisters,his brother-in-laws,his nephews,his nieces and his motorbike..

he was my uncle,
PakSu, Johounes bin Abd Malik.

[this is him..not sure abt the age]

[this is the only photo of him i can find in my lappy..there's a lot more pictures of him that my mother kept..i can still remember one the pic whereby he stood besides me and my brother when we were small..he was 10 years older than my brother which mean he was 13 years older than me..i was probably 5 years old at the time and i was wearing green baju kurung..maybe i should consider of scanning the pictures..]

this is the first time i ever post abt his brought huge impact on our family..even though everyone live life as usual but having the fact that we missed him so much is,when i'm the only member of family that did not have chance to see him for the last time..i just registered myself to UKM for 2weeks when i received message from my mother abt him being in ICU and from my aunt abt his leaving..his leaving was the same age as my transfering to maktab..because he had gone 2weeks before i was accepted for this Maktab..i guess,he's giving his bless on me..

he left a loving wife and lovely daughters..

[wife and second daughter-
MakSu + Siti Zulqayra Damia (not sure abt the spelling)]

[his first daughter-Siti Zulfah]

they're still living with my grandparents house in Perlis..
Siti Zulfah already understand the meaning of death but it seems to had struck Damia..she missed her father so much..myb she's just too small to understand..

however,i'll let the sadness went by and hope for the better for him in heaven..


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