Saturday, March 19, 2011

i can't tell so i keep it as secret..^_^

they don't like it but they don't stop me..
so i better don't tell them..
but what if they knew?
suddenly i hoped that they knew from me..
so sorry friends..
not that i don't trust u to hold up this little secret..
it's because i know this secret is not a good one to be told..
i can't tell so i keep it as secret..

now,time for random pic selection..hik3..

time ni masa kitorang join koir hari kebangsaan..hehehe..lagu Standing in the Eyes of the World dan lagu hape ntah satu lgi dah lupe..after nyanyi,aku jadi fobia dengan lagu ni..hahaha..sweet memory though..H1T5 sem1 jjang!.XDD

p/s-ak tengah heran..bila aku post jangan folo aku,makin ramai plak folo..musykil3..


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