Sunday, March 27, 2011

lost a good friend..

u are so special..
u are nothing ordinary..
u are brave and you are strong..

i'm so sad hearing this news..
i want to hear your voice even once...
i want to see your face even once..
but what i got until now is only chat with u..
now,it seems impossible..
u'd gone..forever..

i'm crying hard from the time i heard this..
until the time i'm writing this..
u are so special..

i know i can't get anyone like u anymore..
i know i can't hear anyone to tell me to sleep early anymore..
that's why i missed u so much friend..
i miss u..

i miss yr lovely words telling me to be strong..
i miss telling u to not to overwork..
i miss when the time we talk nonsense..
i miss the time when we are here together..
i miss u..

things are different when u are gone..
it won't be the same again..
we must go on..
but at the same time,
i won't forget u as the most hardworking girl i'd ever seen..

u hanged on until now..
and u finally let it go..
i won't mad because i know u suffered to much..
Amu-Chan..i love u..
be our TPG sisterhood guardian..and smile a lot ok..^^

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