Sunday, March 6, 2011


Let us create a truly amazing red ocean!
we want to see how many of u interested in buying this..we promised that this will be the better way to create better environment in the concert..

We are designing the EL shirt for this upcoming JYJ concert in Msia. EL T-shirt is a shirt with flashing logo. Depending on the program, the logo will move to the beat of the sound like the music from your stereo at home or at concerts and parties. It can even detect yr voice!. EL T-shirt is the latest technology. The EL panel can be removed easily so this makes washing a breeze. Just remove the panel and inverter pack and wash with hand or machine.
this is how the shirt will work but we are still in editing process..
Just like in the video above we going to put flashing and equalizer effect..

cap description : will also have the flashing logo like the shirt..

Material: 100% cotton
T-shirt price: RM40.
Cap: RM25 (if we get order more than 50pcs).
Combo: (T-shirt + Cap) : RM60.

Dateline: before end of March (will announce the exact date later)
Payment: Bank in/transfer (payment can be made after RS announces the confirmation of the concert)

To order:
Email to :
you can PM any one of us at FB..

plz include ur details:
Subject.: ORDER
Phone no*.:
FB link*.: (if u send by email)
Type*.: tshirt / cap / combo
prove of payment.:attach/ ur receipt (plz do not bank in until we confirmed yr order n after RS confirm averything)

Delivery :we would prefer hand-to-hand (meet up) delivery because of our time constrain..if u are attending the concert,u can meet us during weekend or meet us at the venue on the meaningful day..if u are not attending,we can post it to u (mybe u will get a little later and u need to pay rm6 for postage).

Here are the standard sizes chart for your comparison :

Men Height Chest Waist
S 133 99 97
M 136 105 103
L 141 110 108
XL 144 116 114
XXL 147 122 120

S 112 96 90
M 117 102 96
L 122 108 102
XL 125 114 108

p/s-if u have any enquiries or doubt,plz don't be hesitate to ask us ok..we won't bite..>__<

this is for Malaysian only..^_^


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