Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday,Hari Raya and Independence Day

My birthday,came out to be same to normal day..
no present,no wishes through sms,no cake! (other than the fact that i make a cake for Raya)=.="
people are more eager to wish me through FB than sms..T_T
oh,maybe they actually dunno that yesterday was my birthday
and really rely on FB to remind them?ah,i dun care..XP
coz i do that too..hahaha..

My Raya, quite better..
what's better when i celebrate my raya in perlis is that i can go to perform solat sunat aidilfitri..
if it was in kelantan,blow my ears la,i never will be able to do so..huhu
but!what's not so good is that it's not fun!..wargh!..
the first day is so dull that i dun even really enjoy it..
for the first time i miss Ramadhan so much..T_T

My Merdeka,
i believe that this year will not be differ to those previous years..
celecration will never be more special than raya celebration n people will forget today is actually Malaysia Independence Day!

good night,and please anticipate for tomorrow..no,i probably won't post anything but tomorrow will be the last day of August..erk,is it special?i dunno,u decide..hahaha


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