Friday, August 19, 2011

bulan ini bulan mulia.

i'm still fasting till today!..FULL!XD
but unfortunately my terawikh,i missed a few times..
especially during weekend,3weeks means 6days i missed..T_T
but,how it possible to not missed it if i were in Shah Alam every weekend???0.o?

ok,forget abt it..
today,it's the 19th day of fasting month for Muslims..
so,10 days left!..
10 final days are the days waited by all Muslims bcause on one of the day is the day with full of blessings!..
Ibadah on the day is same with ibadah for 1000 months!..
1000 months = 84 years..will u even live for 84 years?naa,dun be so sure..
so that's why,muslims really looking forward for this day..
we dunno the exact day but we know it's on 10 final days and it will be on odd day..
i really dun wanna miss it!..^^

p/s-worry,my habit will change once i'm home at hometown..hope it doesnt happen this year..Amin.

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