Saturday, August 20, 2011

favourite activity.

what is my favourite activity?
of kos la DOWNLOAD!
dun care donlod ape yang penting i must donlod..
this is one of the way i think my passing time is not wasted..
to actually realize that i used the passing time to get sth downloaded,
i feel good,te ne ne ne ne ne net!(trademark ntv7 0.o?)
ok,dah melalut.

currently i'm downloading a drama,49 days..
actually i got 3 dramas on queue but some great people suggested that this drama wont disappoint me..
well,let see later..hahaha
but  now i'm watching the drama i finished download,Lie To Me..
great drama,but some casts need more practices..
look 'wooden' there..hahaha

anyway,i used torrent now,
i'm no more mediafire ore fileshare or filestube or what-so-eva..
i hate it when they appeared to be interrupted so i used torrent..
it's ok if it's slow or what-so-eva but i feel more secure..

p/s-my lappy has been on 24/7..sometimes i shut it down for a while,yes it's really a while,ok i jz restart it..=P..i know i'm using electricity endlessly,i dunno how my housemates are feeling..they dare to say anything?NOPE,coz i'm the only supplier of korean drama n movies!..LOLXD..anyway,sorry housemates!

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