Sunday, August 21, 2011

early birthday.

today is quite special..although it's quite pitiful..huhu

i got sooo much things to do today but only able to choose 1..T_T
1)break fast with DBF in Midvalley
2)break fast with Family in Shah Alam
3)meeting for discussion for assignments (of kos i reject!..=P)
4)went to national library looking for assignment's stuff (also rejected for i woke up late XP)
5)outing with Che Am (my friends from KMK)
6)no more i think..hehe

finally i decided,FAMILY FIRST! even though i extremely wanted to break fast with my DBF..huhu

but,i managed to meet them for a while b4 a went to Shah Alam..
finally i manage to meet Hani Xiah unnie n Naz Xiah unnie!..hahaha..our first meeting peeps!..hehe
around 4,i have to start moving..T_T

but!jz before i move,ade seorang makhluk Allah yang comey lagi baik hati serta jelita malah sempoi bg i bnda ni..dia cakap hadiah bedey..ahaks!.."awal lagi kak yana!..hehe"

later aorund 7.30,ade msg masuk tet teet teeet..

waaa..kek bedey!..
nomu2 saranghae nae Dong Bang Gajog!!

p/s-dorg panggil saya Ayin..=.="

bedey tahun ni sgt special..
29 Ogos..last day of Ramadhan..^_^

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