Thursday, December 8, 2011

ISUBS needs help..

u see the title right..
yeah,ISUBS needs help..
who is ISUBS????

ISubs is a team who had given extremely great sub for
our favourite Variety Game Show RUNNINGMAN!
they provide great sub quality,informations about the game and all
and what's the most important of all is that they sub for FREE!..

since less people had come for their sub after some chaos,(=.=)
they are facing financial difficulty now..
although there're VIPs who donate but it's not enough!
so currently,if the condition continues,they might need to shut down..

for more info about ISUBS condition,kindly click HERE

we are voting for suggestion to ISUBS about what they should do..
donating might not be the option from (my) part because i don't know how to do it..(=S)
so,clicking on advertisement is the best option..
as a supporter,clicking the adv will not be any matter..

so,for those who can donate,please continue donating..
and those on the same boat with me,if they decide to put adv,lets click them multiple times..=DD

p/s-k******* make money from the sub,honestly i watched the latest from k*******,,but believe me,never once,NEVER i ever click on the,u know how..=)

p/s-let save ISUBS..fighting!

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