Sunday, December 4, 2011

just 2PM?

erm,,aku pon xpaham naper aku buat title cmtu..=.="

k2..kita proceed to the main agenda..

agenda hari ni,eh dah malam,i mean pagi..oh whatever..

is to upload pixturezzz...

this is my friends' pictures *rolling eyes*

on 25th of November 2011..=)

people waiting..not really Q-ing up..the management kinda loose..=(

ok,dah tertulis atas gambar..kantoi~ 

how the stage looks like..this is testing kind of picture..haha
since my friend (she) bought the cheapest price ticket so she only got this sipi2 spot..pity her..=( 

up next are their performances picturessz!\
prepare for tissues for nosebleed care!XD

whatcha doin Junho???..=S

say heyy!~heyy~ say hooo!hooo~<-reka sendiri


khun is giving speech..english opekos!

"i'm yrs bebeh!"-chanana

when khun n taec are preparing for next song..=)

yeah right Junsu,,whateva..haha

i dunno for what reason Woo is doing that..'_'

my best piece!..100th pic taken..hik3..i jz love this one..=DD valentine song!..i LOVE this!..taec is soo adorable..=D
i want that tooooo.

chanana looks feminine walking like that..=.="
i really believes taec wants to throw it to higher row..=P

i got in my fancam,taec missed throw it..probably it hit some fan..LOL..he said sorry..=P
he kissed every single rose!damn~

bonus for all!..buttdance from khun n ho..whatcha looking at taec??XP

i dunno i manage to get this!..din get chanana flip though..=(

din remember the song..mianh~

yeah yeah!!

i just love the lighting!..the pic came out gooood!


another good piece,i jzt wish i got better spot for this..=S

wahhh..Junho is sooo deep~~!!..looking at our side~

now bottom..XP

i thought Junsu is looking this way..=S

they stand sooo long there..i got nothing to chill with same picture..=P

they're saying buhbye to everyone..=)

final gift!..BUTTDANCE from Chansungie!

ahhhh~~..ghostly woooo~

damn i got this moment!

ya ya ya..chansung and his fan-gift banana..

this is my friend!..=P
her spot was wasn't that good nor bad..
she think it's a better spot than VIP n VVIP which tickets' are much higher!
they can see clearer and there're some contact between them and 2PM than the VIPs which is none!

what she can't forget is that,
taec suddenly jump off the stage and climb to the section and it's theirs!
she got it on video but yeah nothing she can see and proud off..haha 
but (!),she can't touch him..huhu..
there're too many ppl in front of her..huk3..
n the guards (she saw them terkocoh2 turun when taec climb up..haha) were there..
she guess,he just made fans happier eventhough they're soo farrr up..
thanks Taec!..

wait!..the story isn't end there!..
there's another version..this time,
KLIA VERSION!!! *gelak jahat*

ok,she'll keep that in her own diary..=)
it's too precious!sweet moment between her and Junsu..hahaha!!
ok la,she nak citer jugak..kui3..
tp pendek version sket..
cut off the part diorang xpasti to stalk or not which eventually the result is STALK!XP

she waited quite longer than the other Hottest..=S
but it's worth it when she finally got a good spot!..
it's besides JUN.K!!..walaweyyy~..
she hold his arm from the beginning till end!..haha
she can feel he tried to fight against her hand (bcause she tried to make him take a gift from her)..
he put his hand into pocket so she tried to take it out..
but he pull it back! LOLXD..
(u know the feeling when somebody try to membatu kan diri)..
she was pushed aside by the guards but later she got her spot back..kekeke..
again,she held his arm..kui3..but yeah,she was defeated by other hottest..great job~
still,the main story is~~~
(hey,it's JUN.K!)

that's the story of my friend and JUN.K..=)

p/s-i'm still wishing the person is Xiah Junsu XP..but bersyukur la weyyy!~


p/s again-picture kt bwh ni mcm xseswai je nk ade kt sini tp ade aku kesah?..
i'm still in love with these people!..delete their pic is sth i'll never do..cliche nye ayat~

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