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Cassiopeia masuk paper NST!..

Err,,,arini nak try post gne words..ade org ckp bley gune font berbeza..klo gne blogger pye font,boring daaasyik2 arial,verdana n blablablablasy nk test menjadi ke x..hik3klo yg korung baca ni font yg lawa2 means menjadi la tu..kekekeke.
First skali nk crite psl yg ni

MOHAMAD FAIZAL SAMSUDIN discovers a world of friendship and music across language barriers as a fan of Korean boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki

I DO not understand Korean but the music, vocals and performance of Korean boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) have captured my attention.

The group consists of five members Xiah Junsu, Micky Yuchun, Hero Jaejoong, U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin.

DBSK has split up due to issues with its management and three of its members Junsu, Yuchun and Jaejoong have formed a new group, JYJ.

Being a DBSK fan makes me a Cassies, short for Cassiopeia, an official worldwide fan club created for DBSK fans to gather, share news, interest and talk about the group.It has been more than two years since I became a devoted fan and I keep myself updated with its latest activities.

YouTube introduced me to DBSK. I was searching for Korean dramas to download but DBSKs Hug music video caught my eye. I was hooked in an instant.

I started to search all related information about it after that.

DBSK performed a concert in Malaysia before it disbanded. I was able to catch JYJ live when the group came here for its album showcase last month.

Junsu is my favourite as he has the best vocals, dance skills and expression when he sings.

When I decided to go to the showcase, I did not have anyone to accompany me. However, I did not let that blow my chances of meeting JYJ.

I did not dare to blink when I was watching the show as I wanted to capture the entire event.

I was screaming and shouting for Junsu again and again. The showcase left me happy throughout the week.

I cannot wait for JYJs concert that may be held next year.

Some of my friends make fun of me because I am a boy obsessed with DBSK and JYJ. Well, I saw several other boys during the showcase and many of them are Chinese. The majority of Cassies are girls.

We are all connected with a special relationship that is hard for me to explain. That bond has introduced me to a few other Cassies who were willing to hang out with me during the show.

It felt like the whole world was smiling at me when they mentioned that I am the first and only Malay “fan boy” that they know.

The friendship did not end there. We stayed in touch via Facebook. 

In fact, I managed to make friends with Cassies from Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and Tunisia, among others, via the social network.

DBSK and JYJ unite us all.

Becoming a Cassies has also inspired me to achieve my goals.

I studied Tourism Management at Universiti Teknologi Mara and hope to work in Korea or Japan, specifically with the Malaysian Embassy.

To secure my dream job, I must gain work experience at related organisations in Malaysia. 

I have already applied to work in the Foreign Affairs and Tourism Ministries and plan to take the Administrative and Diplomatic Service entrance exam.The bands have also motivated me to learn Korean.

After discovering DBSK, I started to say “Ahn Nyong Ha Se Yo” instead of “Hello” whenever I make and receive calls from my friends.

They kept asking me, “Do you really need to do that?” but I just smile. 

DBSK and JYJ are the most entertaining “Korean Language Teachers” ever!I also picked up the language from books and watching Korean drama series. 

I spent my leisure time at Kinokuniya in KLCC to read more books or related materials when I was studying in Shah Alam.

There is no harm in being obsessed with boy bands as long as you can gain something positive out of it.

Your interest in boy bands should not only allow you to enjoy yourself but also inspire you to do great things.

To all Cassies out there, no matter what happens, keep the faith!


For the first time ever!! pride of being a cassie being shown on paper!!..wink3..its not a story of mine but a fanboy..wah3...lagi hebat nih..kekeke..its news Sunday timesI dapat tahu psl article ni late in the evening..aroung 5p.m petang smlm..adoiyaiimana ade org beli paper ptg2 cmni..adusstp usaha gak g cari..^_^

First aku bajet la xde org dlm kg aku yg baca paper ni,ye la..dah la kg n ramai org pas lak tu,,ops....,,mesti la paper tu ade lg kn3??...aku start kreta,n pecut ke kedai2 jual paper..smpi2 je intai paper NST xde!!!..!!..”cik,paper NST ade?” ni ayat aku ulang berpuluh2 kali kt kedai..adussmalu beli paper petang2 berganda2..mmg btol la,,,org kg aku xbace paper NST,,smpi tokey kedai xorder pon NST!..=.=”..adehh~finally ,,(xde hapy ending dlm critaku),ak xjumpa paper tu..pulang dengan tgn kosong org kte..huk3..xpe lah..nk wat cmnesob3..menangis xberlagu..lololololo000000..o

pastu nk share gmbr neh


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