Friday, November 12, 2010

physically and mentally exhausted..

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we went to 'bermuafakat' at TESL block..
only finished at 12.30p.m

after lunch,
2p.m,,we went to TS n Jln Tar.. TS only i spent rm140.60...
[beli apa yer..hahaha]

f.a.o-cik Mira,,brg2 anda sudah selesai dibeli..
akn dipost 6t ye...hehehee,,
eh,,terBM plak..sory

ehem,Jln Tar,
i spent around rm6o for the dress...
so happy that i dun need to spend hundreds for same piece of clothes..hahah

now,i'm having leg pain...sob3.
need to sleep now..

foot note-actually i am looking forward for next day after tomorow,,
Mutiara Express will be waiting for me!!!..weeee~

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