Saturday, November 13, 2010

MoonLight Sonata

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that's the theme of our dinner...
my Prom Nite with TESLians has ended succesfully..

these are few photos using my own phone..well,not much of photo bcoz i didn't bring camera (coz i dun have one..haha) n i tried to avoid from becoming the photographer..haha..i want to be IN the photo,not the one who TAKE the photo...keh3..

just enjoy the photos...

-the entrance at Maluri Hotel-

--me wif ira--

--me n erna--

-my food..hahah!!!-

-in front of main stage--

--added new member..haha...but blurr lorhh...sob3--

that's enough...
i want to pack go back tmorow,oh yeah!

half done,,but another half??OMMO...

my rumate will leave in the morning and i'll leave in late afternoon..
she got more than half things to pack but she's sleeping now..hahah!bye!

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