Monday, November 8, 2010

positive thinking..

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how to develop a positive thinking..?

this is my personal view..
i was before a very 'pendendam'
[malay bcoz i dunno the english word..haha]

but not a kind that will take revenge..
..that's not me!..

me,i will be very ignorant toward that
someone@somepeople if i do have
negative thinking about her/him..
sometimes,i'll just ignored the feeling
but i can't fool myself..

why do i felt that way?
sometimes,,ok,,most of the time,
bcoz that person didn't do what i've asked
and basically i think that she/he is doing wrong things..
well,wrong in my eyes laa..

but then, i'd learnt this in my English Studies..

"you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view--until you climb into his skin and walk around in it"

To Kill A Mockingbird [Harper Lee]

before i knew this line,i hve been trying so hard to understand people..and sometimes,i do failed..
after i knew this line,i've develop a positive me..
i do think things beyond of what i usually thought of..
and u know works!..
i really felt better when i think of matters using that person's position..
even though sometimes i cannot even think of one positive n logical reason,
i'll put it this way..
"there must be a reason why she acted like that,and even it's wrong in any ways i think,let them be and u, just precede yr life"

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sometime,we do feel that we r right..but remember,we r not always right..bcoz we r human beings who will always make mistakes..but we don't want to be a human being that will always repeat that mistakes..i'm not a good person that will always done things right..and i'm not a person that will always try to make people happy..i do make people sad,and sure,i don't like that..bcoz i don't like when people hurt me..
sometime,just being yrself is not always great..

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