Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mischievious kiss

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i'd done watching this drama last nite..

[i'd tried to update this last nite but my internet was,,ah no need to mention]

well,my feeling over this movie is,
it's kind of humourous..
the humours implemented covers the plot line..
basically it's a story of a girl (Oh Ha Ni) that went crazy over a genius boy (Baek Seung Jo),well,she is extremely seriously crazy..LOL..
the existence of a very sporting mother,fathers really helps the girl..
i'm very curious if there is really parents like that in this world..LOL..
and there is no evil character in this movie..
therefore,i believe that this is a movie which children can watch (since no evil influence at all)..however,how Ha Ni is crazy over Seung Jo is not a good example to children..T_T..
it's a movie which people, who wants to relax and have peace of mind, can enjoy..
like me,i was struggling with exams,so i need to relax..^^

if anyone interested of copying this movie,come to my room ok!..ahaks~

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