Friday, December 10, 2010

DBSK marathon with SEOUL.FM!!

this post should have been posted 2 days ago..due to my **** connection,i had had to postponed my post..T_T..please read this as if it was written a few days ago..tQ.


tonight i am supreme happy!..u know why?..because i'd made 5hours DBSK's marathon with my DBF family..weeee~...since 9.00p.m till 2.00a.m..hohoh00h0hoo!!!
a day before,SeoulFM had promised Cassiopeia to keep #DBSK as a trend in Twitter..
so,Cassies worked hard to maintain as well as keep #DBSK trending and we did it!!..
as a gift,SeoulFM promised us DBSK songs marathon for 3hours starting 9.30p.m till 12.30 a.m..however,in the middle of marathon,they announced that the marathon will be for 5hours!!..
i will kill cassie who doesn't love this!..LOLXD

as i am jeongmal happy with this gift,i would like to repay SeoulFM..i want to promote SeoulFM to my readers (who don't know what is SeoulFM yet)..SeoulFM is an internet radio centered in Philipines,playing 24 hours korean songs everyday!'s free of course!

anyone would like to is the link --> SeoulFM

once u had enter,please look on yr left side bar and you'll see this!
here,if u want make request of songs you would like to on REQUEST

the most important is the stream where u will be able to hear the radio!..
please kindly choose any stream that you prefer,i mean that your lappy prefer..=.="
if one doesn't work,try another,,
if all don't work,,patiently shut down your lappy and throw it into the river.!
ok,please try again,yr majesty~~~

this button?
since SeoulFM is a free internet radio,,the founder had almost been killed by the server bill..
so,those fortunate,please do make some donations..tQ!!..

i really hoped that SeoulFM will promised us again!!!...wink2~~

SeoulFM!..thanks for giving me black ring around my eyes the next day~..lalalalaa


miss_ashUno said... ad 1x selame 5jam itu..hahaha
*nk nyibuk jap* ngee~~~

aku farahin sabri said...

haha!!!...seoulfm xnak wat lg ker ash...nak lagi..huuuu~