Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stop Child Abuse.

This time,my post will be a serious one.

yes,it's about child abuse..
I've done this topic under Gender and Society topic during my lesson and I never really care about this..
I do feel sad when i read about news regarding child being abused but never really act for the better..
since I'd never confront it in front of my own eyes..

It happened!..
Yes man,I saw it happened..
It was my friend's case..
She is younger than me and she was abused by his step father.
before this I'd never believe that common story of a step family is true,but after seeing her,I did.
she was abused for about 3 years already at the time I knew it.
3 years including 2 years living in hostel.
and she got pretty much 1 whole year of abuse beforehand.
no one knew how greatful she was when she was in hostel.
and she didn't act like other students who are looking forward of going back home for holiday..
she prefer to join various kind of activities than going back.
but her mother was never be a good supporter of what she did.
(her mother doesn't know,that's what she told me)

I'd asked her what happened during that particular 1 year?
she said that she'd become sex slave when her mother went to work.
the damn father also work but he came home in the middle of work for sex.

"I can't help but to let him do it"

she was sexually,physically and psychologically abused
and now she is still having trauma that she hates her own brother.
she doesn't want to get married because she felt disguise of her own body.


I can't bear to hear stories again..
I really want justice to show up!
to see what will happen to these kids when they grow up..
so we need to help them
because the victim will never dare to do it..

report any case of abuse around you and save them.!

so let us be together with UNICEF to STOP CHILD ABUSE!

*you wouldn't want your child to be abused,so help others..*


ShakirAzfar said...

it is quite a sad and interesting story.. sunggoh ko ni sis? bkpo sis dop bantu dio ko.. wat police report ko.. haizz.. sdeh kalu tngok orey gini, tp kito dop dpt buat papo.. hmm...

aku farahin sabri said...

thnk god her father now is in jail..but what i can say about her,she's not good in study..-.-